7 Baby Registry Items You’ll Use Into Childhood

Trying to decide what to add to your baby registry, not knowing which baby necessities you’ll actually use and what will end up tossed into the closet?


We’ve all been there. Unless you have some friends who are already moms who are helping you create your baby registry, it can be overwhelming.


Thinking up which baby registry items you’ll use into childhood probably hasn’t even crossed your mind.


There is so much that goes into preparing for a baby- emotionally, physically, financially, etc.


Then comes the enormous task of trying to make sure that you have everything that you will actually need for the baby without wasting money on the things that you don’t actually need.


One thing I recommend that you consider is this- find as many baby registry items you’ll use “beyond the baby years” as you can!


When we were creating our baby registry I tried to make sure that the items I was registering for were things I would be able to use for many years to come. This was a smart financial decision, but it also helped up really narrow down the items we would actually need when we created our minimalist baby registry.




Here is where to get started on your Amazon Baby Registry!



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Baby Registry Items You’ll Use Into Childhood- Beyond the “Baby Stage”


1. Crib and Dresser


The first thing I would recommend that can be used beyond the baby stage is a convertible crib with a matching dresser.


The great benefit of a convertible crib is that it can usually be used by your baby as a crib, and could really go on to be used forever. Most convertible cribs end up as either a double or queen size bed.


The only thing you have to remember is to purchase the conversion kit you will need to transition the bed from a crib into a toddler bed and ultimately a full size or queen. I would really recommend that you purchase this when you buy your crib just in case they quit making it. We purchased a Delta brand set that had both the crib bed and dresser sold together.









I can remember the excitement I had when we were preparing for our first baby.

It was fun to come home and de-tag and wash those cute little clothes. (Enjoy this time… laundry will never be this fun again!) 

So, first and foremost, make sure you have a quality convertible crib and dresser set because without a doubt, it will be one of the baby registry items you’ll use into childhood!




2. Humidifier

To be totally honest, I had no clue what a humidifier actually was.

When I was growing up, my mom had a vaporizer and so that was something I was familiar with. A humidifier though was something totally new to me.

So, why do you need one?

It is really common that little ones can get congested, develop a raspy cough, or just have a common cold. All of these things are no fun for you or your baby, but this little machine will help you out.

A humidifier basically takes water and turns it into moist air. It fills the room and helps break up all that nasty stuff in your baby’s chest.

From my personal experience, this is a machine I didn’t know I would come to love so much. I am not really the medicine type, so anything I can try to help alleviate baby chest congestion is a win for me!

A humidifier is often one of the overlooked baby registry items, but I would HIGHLY recommend that you have one on hand because you really never know when you just might need it!








3. Re-chargeable Batteries and Base Station

Noise-making toys, sound machines, swings, and the list of battery-needing baby items could go on.


All of these things use batteries, and it can get REALLY expensive! Believe me when I say that you will spend a small fortune on batteries on all of these things.


One way you can minimize your carbon footprint, as well as save yourself some money is to purchase rechargeable batteries and a charging base station.

They make some really neat ones that allow you to charge a variety of sizes of batteries. Of course, none of the things you’ll need batteries for will use the same type of batteries, so you’ll need the variety option.


I just had this epiphany the other night about how much I needed one of these when this exact situation happened to me, except I didn’t have any rechargeable batteries. Hence the reason I am sharing this amazing tip with you now so that you won’t have to have a screaming baby with no working sound machine.


Trust me, GET THE BATTERIES and save yourself a headache! 







4. Back of the Seat Organizer

I really feel like this one is often overlooked because people aren’t sure how to use them. But, when you know what types of things to put in them, they are a great baby registry item.


Back of the seat organizers go on the back of the seat in front of the child riding in a car seat. There are some really great uses for your Munchkin Backseat Organizer, even if you have an infant. For me, I always made sure to have diapers, wipes, a baby hat, a burp cloth, and a pacifier in ours.

All of these things were the items I would often need when getting out of the car and would have to search through the diaper bag to find. It was a HUGE time saver to have these things right in my reach when either taking the baby out of the car or placing the baby in the car.


As your little one grows, the things in the back of the seat organizer will change, but there will always be things that you are going to want to have right within reach.

For us now, we use ours to put cups, snacks, and things to occupy our kids in the car. And of course, a pack of wipes.

No joke, I seriously think I may just always keep a pack of wipes in the car forever! I think I will always be able to find a need for a wet wipe!








5. Decorative Storage Shelf

There are so many baby essentials you can add to your baby registry that it becomes overwhelming if you try to do it all at once. I recommend that you don’t do that!


Consider your home space when you’re registering and be sure you’re making the most of the space you have.


One way to do this is to add a decorative storage shelf to your Amazon Baby Registry. It is sure to be one of the baby registry items you’ll use into childhood.  

It wasn’t something we realized we needed until we had a ton of toys piling up in our living room because that is where we spend the majority of our time as a family.


We needed something that was going to blend in with the furniture we already had but provides the storage that we DESPERATELY needed!


We found one that was reasonably priced that would allow us to add storage baskets for smaller items, storage for bigger items, and could also be used as a bookshelf.


The nice part about our Closetmaid 9-Cube Organizer shelf is that it is something we will be able to use forever. It doesn’t have to always have baby/toddler/kid things on it. When our kids are older, we will still be able to keep it in our living room.





6. Plastic Clothes Hamper

When I was preparing to write this post, I quizzed my husband about what baby essentials he would add to this list. And although we came up with many of the same things, this one was totally him!


When I was pregnant someone mentioned adding a plastic hamper to my list, and I really didn’t get it.


There were so many cute baby hampers that I would’ve rather had instead.


BUT, then came the reality that babies are MESSY! They poop and puke all over everything!


And the last thing you want to have is those gross bodily fluids all over your cute hamper.


Do yourself a favor and add a plastic hamper with wheels to your list.

So, the grossness of babies is what made me put the hamper on my list, BUT here is one more reason to put THIS type of hamper on your registry.


I have had both a C-section and a natural delivery, and both times I was incredibly grateful to have a hamper on wheels.


It sounds trivial, but when you’re sore and tired, whether, from an incision or childbirth, the last thing you want to be doing is lugging around a hamper full of dirty laundry.


Not everyone has the luxury of having a spouse around most of the time, and there will be laundry you’ll want to do during the day. So, although a hamper isn’t a “typical” baby registry item, is it one of the baby registry items you’ll use into childhood!






7. Photo Growth Measure

I wasn’t totally sure how to title this one, so let me explain.


When I had my first baby, I was given a flower arrangement that came with a really nice, good-sized teddy bear.


The bear was super cute and so as a thank you, I took a picture of the baby with the bear and sent it to the person who had sent the gift.


And then a great idea came to me!


I would take a picture of the baby with the bear each and every month so that I would always be able to look back and see how much the baby had grown.

The first few months with a new baby are tough. You don’t get much sleep, you are adjusting to having a new, very needy little person in the house, and it can be so easy to miss out on each of the baby stages.

I remember my first being about 6 months old, and looking back at the first picture I took and thinking, “How did that happen so fast?”

And it is so true, it happens so quickly, and you will want to always look back and cherish those small times.



Baby Picture Part 2

I took a picture with the baby and the bear until our kids were one.

Then, our first child was gifted one of those ginormous, four-foot tall bears. So, with this idea in mind, starting at one year of age, I have taken a picture of each kid with the BIG bear and documented each birthday.

What a gift it is to always have these moments to look back at and enjoy!

Obviously, this item may not be a bear for you, but I would really encourage you to find something that you can use each month to show just how much the baby has grown. Find something super cute that you love and add that to your registry. It isn’t a typical baby item, but it is sure to be one of the baby registry items you’ll use in childhood!




If you’re an expectant mother on a budget, these items are a must!

Creating a baby registry is exciting, but the price tags can become too much when you think about the short amount of time you’ll be using each of those expensive baby items.

This list of baby items you’ll use into childhood should help you keep your budget low, yet still provide the baby items your baby will actually need!



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blessings to you, Lisa





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