10 Baby Items You Can Live Without

When you’re expecting a baby, there is so much baby stuff to buy!



It can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to go overboard.



While you do need some baby basics, there are also a lot of baby items you can skip without any problems.



I’m going to give you 10 baby items that you can live without. By doing so, you’ll save yourself money and space!



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What baby items are not necessary?


Wipe Warmer

First up, the Wipe Warmer! I know some people think these things are AMAZING- I am not one of them. 



Are they cool, sure! But the thing is, the only time my wipes really got cold was if I left them in the car when it was cold outside. In my opinion, skip this.








Diaper Disposal System

Following suit with the wipe warmer is the Diaper Disposal System.



I’ll be totally transparent here. One of the main reasons I felt no need for a diaper disposal system is that I was already using diapers that I knew were headed to a landfill. And, trying to be earth-friendly, since I already kind of failed on that one, I couldn’t also send extra plastic with the diapers. Not to mention, I’ve heard they start to smell really bad.






Changing Table

One thing many people just “think” they’ll need one because it comes with the furniture set, is the Changing Table.



I totally get that some people will carry their baby to the nursery and change their diaper, but for me, this is one of the most unneeded baby items.



One thing to think about before registering for one- what will you be able to use it for AFTER your baby doesn’t need their diaper changed anymore?



Unlike the convertible crib and the dresser, a changing table doesn’t really have a purpose once your baby is potty trained. 





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Baby Towels

When you walk down the baby aisle with the baby registry scanner, you’ll be tempted to scan those super adorable Hooded Baby Towels. Truth be told- you don’t need them.



They are cute, and they do keep your baby’s head warm for the split second before you get them dressed, but chances are, you’ll get one without even registering for it. 








Baby Wash Cloths

While you’re there looking at the baby towels, you’ll see the SUPER small Baby Wash Cloths.



You can’t tell this by looking at the package, but they’re super tiny and you really can’t do much with them. They’re actually more useful to use as reusable baby wipes if that’s your thing! 








Newborn Sized Diapers

One of the hardest parts about creating a baby registry is knowing how many of each size of diapers to register for. Newborn Sized Diapers are something you can often skip. A lot of babies NEVER even wear newborn diapers. I did have one baby who wore them- for about a week.



Save yourself the hassle of trying to figure out where to store or return them, and just don’t buy newborn diapers. If you need them, someone can run and grab some for you. 

picture of a box of pampers newborn diapers with an amazon link to purchase a box of pampers swaddlers newborn size diapers


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Baby Food Maker

If you have a blender or food processor at home, an unnecessary baby registry item is the Baby Food Maker. They’re cute, but they take up space and are ultimately a waste of money. If you plan to make baby food at home, just be sure you have a food processor. 

picture of a baby food machine with an amazon link to purchase a baby food maker 








Crib Bedding

I thought I needed to have super adorable, matching Crib Bedding. I didn’t.



It’s hard to not want to have your nursery together before your baby is born, but I can tell you that I never really used any part of the bedding set I purchased. Not to mention they’re super expensive. You will want to make sure that you have SEVERAL sheets for the crib because accidents happen. They just don’t need to be all matchy-matchy.








Baby Blankets

Chances are, you’ll be given lots of Baby Blankets as baby gifts, so you need not register for them. Unless you have a certain type of baby blanket you HAVE TO HAVE, leave it up to your friends and family who already have kids to give you the baby blankets they loved and used the most. (PS- This just so happens to be my FAVORITE baby blanket because of how soft and cuddly it is!)



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Newborn Shoes

The last of the baby items you can live without is Newborn Shoes.



Gosh, they are cute, but unless you dress your kids up every single day, which I get some people actually do, the newborn shoes are a waste of money.



I was given several sets of shoes because we didn’t know what we were having. So I ended up with boy and girl shoes, and we *MAYBE* used one pair. If you want something special for a holiday, absolutely register for that.




Skip the Baby Items You Can Live Without!

These are 10 baby items you can live without. Some people find some of them to be convenient, but I can tell you that I have made it through the baby stage more than once and I consider most of them to be overrated baby products.



What baby products do you really need?

Now that we’ve talked about the baby items you can live without, you need to know what baby products you actually need. I’ve written two entire posts. One will tell you what baby gear you need for your baby’s entire first year, and the other will tell you the top 10 baby necessities to have before your baby arrives! Both are super helpful and will tell you the important baby prep details you need to know!



If you’re a minimalist, I have you covered too! Here is how to create a minimalist baby registry with the absolute bare minimum baby necessities!



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If you’re a seasoned mom, what baby items did you wish you had left off your baby registry?


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