Best Baby Travel System for First Time Parents

It’s important that you know what an infant travel system is, the most important things to consider when shopping for a baby travel system, as well as advice from a mom who has done a lot of research! Finding the best baby travel system for first-time parents is easy when you know what’s important. Here are the best infant travel systems!


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What is an infant travel system?

An infant travel system is a travel system made up of an infant car seat, the car seat base, and a car seat compatible stroller. They are super convenient for parents who do not want to disturb their sleeping infant when moving the car seat from the car to the stroller or house.



Most baby travel systems are sold together as a set, but you can also create your own if you’d prefer. Just keep in mind that all car seats are not compatible with all strollers, and although there are many adapters you can buy, not all strollers have adapters for all infant car seats.







Things to Consider When Shopping for a Baby Travel System

  • Cost: Before looking at any car seat and stroller combos, make sure you have set a budget. Even if you decide to spend a little more once you see some of the features, there’s a big difference between a budget of $200 versus $500.



  • Where will you take it?: Things you will want to consider before looking for the best stroller travel system for you is where you’ll go with it. Do you travel a lot? Do you like to jog? Maybe you like to hike? Make sure you’re shopping for a stroller that will do what you need it to.



  • How long will you use it for?: Will you be using your stroller often and for many years, or will you be transitioning to a double quickly as your family grows? Do you see yourself using the stroller daily, or maybe a couple of times a year? All of these factors should be considered when shopping for a stroller car seat combo.



  • Is it resellable?: A stroller car seat combo that costs more is going to be more resellable than one that is cheaper. You’ll obviously get more money back for your next baby or toddler purchase. If you plan to reuse your travel system for your other kids, make sure you’re making a wise investment choice.



  • Height of who’s pushing it: One of the biggest factors for us was the stroller having an adjustable handle because my husband is significantly taller than me. It’s super convenient to pass the stroller back and forth and quickly adjust the stroller handle height. If the handle isn’t adjustable, make sure the people who will be pushing the stroller the most are comfortable pushing the stroller.



  • Size of car it’ll be in: Sometimes I think people overlook this factor. If you have a smaller car, make sure you’re looking for a car seat stroller combo that comes with a smaller, more compact stroller. If you have a larger vehicle, this is a non-issue, unless you’re a smaller person lifting a heavy stroller into a car that sits higher up.



  • Car Seat Safety Ratings: Does the car seat you’re looking to purchase meet your safety expectations? If not, you may want to consider a different car seat stroller combo.



  • Weight of the Car Seat and Stroller: Some car seats, and especially strollers can be REALLY heavy. Make sure you check for the measurements before purchasing.







How to use a baby travel system safely

  • When assembling your baby stroller, make sure you’ve correctly installed all pieces. Also make sure you know how to correctly install the infant car seat into the base, as well as the stroller.


  • Always make sure the car seat is attached to the car seat base and stroller safely by pulling up on the infant car seat and making sure it is secured correctly.




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Best Infant Travel System for Safety

Britax B-Free Travel System

amazon link to purchase the britax b-free travel system for infants 

Britax is a highly respected brand in the infant car seat industry. They make quality products that are safe, comfortable, and last. Here are the pros and cons of the Britax B-Free Travel System:



  • Includes the car seat, car seat base, stroller, and adapters
  • The car seat base is made of a steel frame, and the car seat has 2 layers of side impact protection
  • Adjustable handlebar, one hand quick fold
  • Can be installed securely with the LATCH system
  • The car seat can be used rear-facing up to 35 pounds, the stroller can be used up to 65 pounds
  • All-terrain rubber tires
  • Easy remove cover for washing if needed
  • Easy release harness button
  • Built in the USA
  • The stroller has 7 storage pockets
  • Front and rear access to storage underneath




  • There was an issue with the front wheel locking up, but that seems to be fixed now








Best Overall Infant Travel System

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

The Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System is the updated version of the travel system I bought when I had my first baby. I love everything about this infant stroller travel system. Without a doubt, this is one of the best baby travel systems for first-time parents! I honestly struggled to find much of anything wrong with this baby travel system.



  • Includes stroller, infant car seat, and infant car seat base
  • The stroller has a one-hand fold
  • Designed to stand independently when folded in the compact position
  • The stroller includes a parent tray with 2 cup holders and storage
  • The stroller is for children up to 50 pounds 
  • The car seat is for babies up to 30 pounds
  • Padded, adjustable handle with 3 height positions
  • One-touch rear brakes
  • Large storage basket with access in the back





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Best Value Infant Travel System with Lots of Seating Options

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System is great for the parent who likes options. Sometimes you want your baby to be facing you, especially when they’re young, and other times you’d rather them face away from you so they can see things. This baby travel system does all that and more at an incredibly reasonable and budget-friendly price tag! 



  • The stroller is a modular frame for a variety of seating options
  • The stroller converts between a carriage, travel system, and modular stroller
  • Comes with a car seat base, infant car seat, and modular stroller
  • There’s an oversized storage basket underneath
  • Lightweight



  • Doesn’t push easily at times
  • Canopy isn’t long enough to cover baby
  • Unlatching the car seat from the base can be difficult
  • Can be hard to find an additional base for the infant car seat
  • Can be hard to get the car seat to snap into the stroller frame
  • The stroller handle isn’t adjustable







Most Budget-Friendly Infant Travel System

Graco Nimblelite Travel System

The Graco Nimblelite Travel System is a very attractive travel system. There are some minor issues with the functionality of the stroller, but if you can see past them, and appreciate the lower price, this is one of the best baby travel systems for first-time parents on a budget.


  • Converts between an infant seat, bassinet, and toddler seat
  • Easy to assemble
  • One-hand self-standing fold stroller
  • Includes parent tray with cupholders
  • The stroller has a child tray with cupholders
  • Storage basket underneath
  • Easy to maneuver the stroller


  • The stroller handle isn’t adjustable
  • The stroller seat doesn’t have a lot of cushion
  • The visor on the car seat is a little hard to move
  • Can be hard to squeeze the car seat release
  • The car seat doesn’t always click into the stroller correctly








Best Infant Travel System with Luxury

Maxi Cosi Zelia Max 5-in-1 Modular Travel System

The Maxi Cosi Zelia Travel System is the Cadillac of baby travel systems. The only thing you may want to add to this travel system is a stroller organization system.



  • Air protect side impact protection


  • HUGE canopy shade on the stroller
  • Mesh window on the stroller lets you see the baby
  • The stroller is lightweight and folds up easily
  • The stroller transforms between 3 modes: carriage, infant seat, and toddler seat
  • Large storage basket under the stroller
  • The stroller is easily maneuverable with one hand



  • The wheels don’t have the best shock absorption
  • The cupholder is flimsy
  • It can be hard to remove the car seat from the stroller









Most Budget-Friendly Stroller Travel System for Joggers

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System


The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System is the most budget-friendly jogging stroller travel system. The front wheel can lock in place while jogging, or be removed for everyday travel. The car seat has a handle that is different than most, but you can get used to that easily.



  • Multi-position reclining stroller seat
  • The stroller has a parent tray with two cupholders
  • Front stroller wheel maneuvers well and locks in place for jogging
  • The stroller folds up easily
  • Storage basket underneath the stroller
  • The stroller has all-terrain bicycle tires
  • The car seat base is LATCH-equipped
  • The car seat releases easily out of the base



  • The stroller handle isn’t adjustable
  • The car seat feels cheap
  • The head support in the car seat is lacking
  • The head support included with the car seat pushes the baby’s head forward








Best Travel System for Joggers

Graco Fast Action Fold Jogger Travel System


The Graco Fast Action Fold Jogger Travel System is designed with the jogging parent in mind. The stroller has a front wheel that locks into place while jogging, but can be removed for everyday movement. The stroller is heavier than most, but since it will likely be traveling over a variety of terrains, this will help it last longer.



  • The infant car seat, stroller, and car seat base are included
  • The front tire locks in place for jogging
  • The tires are great for all terrains
  • The wheels deflate and re-inflate easily if you’re going to be traveling by plane
  • There a parent tray with two cupholders and storage on the stroller
  • The stroller has a storage basket underneath
  • Easy to remove the car seat from the base



  • The stroller is heavy compared to others
  • The phone holder doesn’t hold larger phones
  • The front wheel doesn’t always move how it should
  • The stroller handle is not adjustable



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Best Baby Travel System with Multiple Seat Options

Graco Modes Travel System

The Graco Modes Travel System has 10 different seating configurations. If you like having the versatility of forward- and rear-facing, as well as infant and toddler seating options, this is a great baby travel system for first-time parents.



  • 10 different riding options from infant to toddler
  • Includes the stroller, the infant car seat, and the car seat base
  • The stroller can be forward or rear-facing
  • The stroller harness can be a 3 point or 5 point harness
  • Folds down with just one hand
  • The stroller has a parent tray with storage and 2 cup holders
  • The car seat connects and disconnects easily from the base
  • The stroller maneuvers easily
  • Storage basket underneath



  • The car seat doesn’t have great head and neck support for the baby
  • The stroller wheels feel cheap






Which car seat stroller combo will you choose?

There are clearly a lot of things to consider when shopping for the best baby travel system as a first-time parent. Make sure you know which features of an infant travel system are most important to you before you begin shopping.


I have to know- which baby travel system did you choose??


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