Helpful Resources for New Moms

It’s no secret that having a baby changes EVERYTHING about your life. Physically, mentally, emotionally, physiologically, EVERYTHING changes.


As you find yourself navigating these changes, it’s super important to know the resources you have at your fingertips to help make many of these changes much EASIER than you might think. As a mom myself, I have been experienced a c-section, a VBAC, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, pumping at work and so much more. I get it! And I want to help you!


These helpful resources for new moms will guide you in pregnancy, labor and birth, and breastfeeding and pumping as you navigate motherhood!




As you’re working your way through your pregnancy as a first-time mom, there are some amazing resources available you may not even know exist! Here are my favorite pregnancy resources for first-time moms!


Mom Smart Not Hard- Bump Smart Pregnancy Planner

This Bump Smart Pregnancy Planner will help you organize and keep track of important milestones and appointments, as well as help guide you through your pregnancy.



Mom Smart Not Hard- Nest Smart Planner

As you’re progressing along through your pregnancy, you may start to wonder what kinds of things you should be changing to prepare for your new baby. This Nest Smart Planner will walk you through the process of preparing your house for your new baby.



Coffee and Coos- Oh, Baby Pregnancy Planner

Another amazing pregnancy resource to have is the Oh, Baby Pregnancy Planner. This planner is going to help you through your pregnancy week by week, help you prepare your baby registry for all the things you’ll need, and it’s also going to help you know how to care for your new baby. It is an invaluable resource all new moms will benefit from!

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Milkology- Pregnancy Week by Week Email Series

Sometimes it’s nice to have the important pregnancy information you need to be sent right to your inbox. Milkology has a great Pregnancy Week by Week Email Series you can use to help keep you up to date with your sweet baby is growing. Another thing that’s helpful about this resource is that you’ll get updates about how your baby is changing and what you can soon expect.








Labor and Birth

There is nothing that can truly prepare you for the birth experience, BUT, there are some incredible resources that can at least inform you of what you can expect. Here are some super helpful resources for new moms.


Pulling Curls- Prenatal Class for Couples

This online prenatal class for couples will have you feeling prepared for your upcoming labor and delivery. As a labor and delivery nurse, Hilary took her 20+ years of experience and created an online prenatal course for expectant parents. Not everyone has the time of scheduling availability to take an in-person prenatal course. This is the right course for you if you want to feel more prepared to give birth! 



Birth Smart Planner

One other pregnancy resource new moms will benefit from having is the Birth Smart Planner. Even if you take an in-person or online birth class, you will still be able to use this planner. It’s your one-stop shop to help you prepare yourself and your birthing team for the birth you want to have. 









The fourth trimester, or the postpartum period after having a baby, can be one of the most unforgiving times in your life. For some women, it’s no big deal, and for other women, the struggles they face can feel impossible. Before having your baby, I encourage you to consider preparing yourself for the postpartum stage.  If you aren’t sure what the hospital will supply when you have your baby, or how to prepare a postpartum essentials basket, click to check out my personal tips and tricks!


Coffee and Coos- Postpartum Handbook

I managed my way through pregnancy and childbirth OK, but I am telling you, there’s nothing quite like the postpartum experience. As much as you think you can prepare yourself for what things will be like after having a baby, there are still things you may wonder about. The Postpartum Handbook is a postpartum mom’s best friend. It’s going to answer a lot of the postpartum questions you may have before you even know you had them.

the postpartum handbook










Breastfeeding is the second most life-giving event of your life to giving birth. You may be preparing yourself to breastfeed your baby, struggling to breastfeed your baby, or preparing yourself to go back to work as a pumping mom. All of these are incredible resources, it’s just a matter of finding the class(es) that match your needs.


Milkology- The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class

If you’re wondering what breastfeeding will be like, trying to better understand all the breastfeeding positions, or maybe you’re trying to figure out if breastfeeding is right for you, then I encourage you to try the Ultimate Breastfeeding Class. With easy-to-understand instruction compiled into 13 online videos, you’ll be a breastfeeding pro in no time at all!

the ultimate breastfeeding class


Milkology- The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class

I personally went back to work after having my first baby and I know the challenges that it can bring. I went from breastfeeding all day to pumping all day. If this describes you as well, I encourage you to take the Back to Work Pumping class. There are some super helpful tips and tricks that will help make the transition back to work easier.

ultimate back to work pumping class



Milkology- The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class

If you find yourself either not wanting to breastfeed, your baby is struggling to breastfeed, or you’d just rather pump, then I recommend this Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class. The class is short, sweet, and to the point, but you’ll come away with a lot of helpful information for your pumping journey.

ultimate exclusive pumping class



Milkology- Pump It Up! Class

If you feel like you’re a slave to your breast pump and measuring every single ounce to make sure you have enough, this Pump It Up! class is golden. You’ll learn some super helpful tips to help you maximize your breast milk output!




Milkology- Master Your Milk Supply Class

As a mom, it can become incredibly concerning when you don’t feel like you’re making enough milk for your baby. If you find yourself struggling to make more than the bare minimum your baby needs, this affordable Master Your Milk Supply Class is totally worth it for you!




Milkology- Free 5-Day Breastfeeding Course

Want to know if an online breastfeeding class is for you, but you aren’t sure where to begin? I highly recommend checking out this FREE 5-Day Breastfeeding course from Milkology. It’s a great place to start when you aren’t sure where to even begin your breastfeeding journey.



Mom Smart Not Hard- Breastfeeding Handbook

The Breastfeeding Handbook from Mom Smart Not Hard is a great resource if you’re preparing to breastfeed or you’re already breastfeeding but could use some help. All of the basics of breastfeeding are covered in this handbook.



Lactation Link- Breastfeeding Basics

The Breastfeeding Basics class offers 70 minutes of breastfeeding instruction. Covering things like latch, breastfeeding positions, nipple care, let down reflex and so much more, this course is an excellent resource for any expectant mother who wants to know more about breastfeeding. 



Lactation Link- Breastfeeding Hurdles

Sometimes breastfeeding just doesn’t go as you had hoped. If you find yourself struggling with breastfeeding, you might just find the help you need in this Breastfeeding Hurdles class. Things like thrush, jaundice, mastitis, tongue-tie, oversupply, and more can be found in this class.



Lactation Link- Pumping & Storing Breastmilk

Want to know more about pumping and storing breastmilk? If you’re planning to return to work, you’ll want to read all about things like how to get your free breast pump, how to introduce a bottle, how to manage the pump parts, handling and storing breastmilk safely and so much more. This Pumping & Storing Breastmilk Course is a great resource for working moms who pump.



Lactation Link-  Free 6-Day Breastfeeding Course

As mentioned, I think the best way to find out if an instructor is a great fit for you is to try whatever free course they offer. For Lactation Link, they offer a FREE 7-day Breastfeeding course. Check it out and see if they’re right for your breastfeeding journey.


***Lactation Link does offer a BUNDLE DEAL if you buy all 3 courses at once!***




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