The Best Baby Carriers for Petite Moms

If you’ve ever found yourself climbing the shelves at the grocery store to reach something on the top shelf- this is for you!


As a petite mom myself, I know the importance of finding the best baby carrier for petite moms that supports a small body frame. Most importantly, a baby carrier that isn’t going to cause a lot of strain on your back.


Before purchasing a baby carrier, it’s super important to take some time and learn about the different types of baby carriers. You may not think you’ll like a certain type, but after reading about how they work, you may surprise yourself and ultimately choose a different baby carrier. There are also safety things to take into consideration, such as hip dysplasia and head and neck support for your baby, as well as back support for you.


As per my usual, I have included a variety of options for all budgets. I think it’s important that everyone find the right baby gear that fits their personal budget and their personal needs!




Types of Baby Carriers

Ring Slings

Ring slings are a type of baby carrier that is comprised of a wrap and metal rings that when tied correctly create a sling for your baby to sit in.




A baby wrap is a piece of fabric that is wrapped around an adult’s body in a particular way that allows a place for a child to rest or sit. Baby wraps can be wrapped in different ways to accommodate children of different sizes, as well as different carrying positions.



Soft Structured Baby Carriers (Buckle Carriers)

A soft structured carrier is a baby carrier that is made specifically to support a baby or toddler. It is made of fabric and buckles that are designed in such a way to support a baby’s hips and head, while still offering support for the person carrying the child.



Meh Dai Carriers

A meh dai baby carrier is a type of baby carrier that often has a fabric panel that goes up against the back of the child and is secured to the parents with long straps that are wrapped around the parent’s body that you would tie. They originated in Asian culture as a way of carrying children around, and they have been Westernized to be what Americans often think of as baby carriers today.







Baby Carrier Positions

Front Inward Facing

The first position for any newborn in a baby carrier is the front inward facing position. This is when the baby carrier is worn on your front with your baby facing inward towards you. The baby will remain in this position until he/she can hold their head up on their own.



Front Outward Facing

This baby carrier position is where the baby carrier is worn on your front and the baby is facing outwards. This position can be worn once your baby has complete head and neck control.



Hip/Side Carry

The hip/side carry position is similar to what you would feel if you carried your baby on your hip, except you’d be using a baby carrier to help offer much-needed support as your baby grows.


Back Carry

The back carry position is when you wear the baby carrier on your back with your baby facing forward. This is an appropriate position for a toddler who has complete head and neck control.


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Ring Sling Carriers

Nalakai Luxury Ring Sling Baby Carrier

amazon link to purchase a nalakai luxury ring sling baby carrier 

This is a beautiful ring sling and might just be a life-saver if your baby has colic. Many moms rave about how this ring sling carrier helped to calm and soothe their colicky baby.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the fabric. This carrier is made of a special blend of bamboo and linen. Bamboo is well-known for its ability to breathe and not hold heat which is ideal when you’re going to be baby-wearing for any length of time. An added bonus is that the bamboo is UV reflective, which will help keep your baby protected from the sun. Bamboo is also sustainably grown without harsh chemicals or fertilizers, making this an excellent earth-friendly baby carrier.

This carrier is designed by a mom, with moms in mind. It is simple and as busy moms, we need simple. It comes with the wrap and the two rings. 

When you buy the Nalakai baby sling carrier, 5% of the proceeds will go to low-income families.

Weight Requirements: 8-35 pounds

Material Type: bamboo/linen blend

Care Instructions: wash in cold water, hang to dry

Orientation: front

Waistband Size: variable

Carrier Weight: 1.1 pounds











Kids N’ Such 4-in-1 Baby Wrap Carrier and Ring Sling

amazon link to purchase a kids n such 4-n-1 baby carrier and ring sling 

If you’re looking for a blend between a wrap and a sling, this 4-in-1 baby wrap is your winner!

There are so many things you can do with this baby carrier. First, you can use it as a baby carrier wrap and a ring sling carrier, but you can also use it as a nursing cover and a postpartum belly band/belt.

I would highly recommend that you watch some videos to better understand how to put the carrier on, and then how to adjust it once your baby is inside the wrap.

Some people love cotton, while others say that it can get really hot for both you and your baby.

Weight Requirements: not listed on the package, but recommended no more than 40 pounds

Material Type: cotton

Care Instructions: Machine Washable

Orientation: front

Waistband Size: variable

Carrier Weight: 1.7 pounds











Baby Wrap Carriers

When it comes to baby wrap carriers, they’re all fairly similar with the exception of the type of material. They’re all designed to be wrapped in just about the same way, and provide the same support for both you and your baby. Baby wrap carriers do not have some of the features you’ll find on some other styles of baby carriers, such as protection from the sun, storage pockets, and easy on and off.


I’m including the two most popular brands of baby wraps because they’re made of two different types of materials. For me personally, I bought and used the Moby wrap with each of my kids. It’s durable, easy to wash, and easy to use, even for someone who is petite. I will say, they are fairly long and I did have to do one more wrap around my waist to accommodate the extra length.


Boba Baby Wrap Carrier

amazon link to purchase a boba wrap baby carrier

Weight Requirements: from birth to 35 pounds; birth to 18 months

Material Type: cotton/spandex/bamboo/viscose blend

Care Instructions: Machine washableOrientation: front

Waistband Size: variable

Carrier Weight: 1.5 pounds









Moby Wrap

amazon link to purchase a moby wrap baby carrier 

Weight Requirements: 8-33 pounds

Material Type: polyester/cotton blend

Care Instructions: Machine washable

Orientation: front, hip

Waistband Size: variable

Carrier Weight: 2.2 pounds











Structured Baby Carriers

Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier

amazon link to purchase a baby ktan original baby carrier 

The Baby K’tan baby carrier is a mix between a baby wrap and a soft structured baby carrier. There are no buckles and no tying involved when putting on this carrier. It simply goes over your head and you put your arms through. There are 5 different sizes, ranging from XS-XL, which is what makes this one of the best baby carriers for petite women- there’s a size specifically designed for you! And, with nearly 20 different colors and patterns to choose from, you’re going to find the right combination.


As for the carrier itself, the fact that there is no buckling or tying of the fabric is what makes this carrier unique and convenient. It’s super easy to put on and quickly get your baby in the carrier. 


Once you get the carrier on, there are 5 different ways you can carry your child. The positions are labeled as kangaroo, adventure, hug, explore, and hip. You can likely get a visual of what each of these positions would look like, but I encourage you to click the link and check them out yourself.


An added bonus when you buy the Baby K’tan is that a portion of the proceeds is donated to the American Heart Association and the National Down Syndrome Society.


One downside of this baby carrier is that you have to buy a specific size. So, since you’ll be buying the XS or maybe the S, it’s possible you’d need to buy a different size or carrier for your significant other.

Weight Requirements: 8-35 pounds

Material Type: 100% cotton

Care Instructions: Machine Washable

Orientation: front, hip

Waistband Size: variable

Carrier Weight: 1.46 pounds












Beco Gemini Baby Carrier

amazon link to purchase a beco gemini baby carrier

The Beco Gemini baby carrier is kind of the happy medium between the higher end and the basic baby carriers I have included here.

It can be worn in 5 different ways and the straps can be worn in either an H or an X-shape. For many, wearing the carrier with the straps crossed helps relieve back pain that can sometimes come from baby-wearing for long periods of time. There is also a supportive waist belt that transfers most of the baby’s weight to your hips and legs.


Some baby carriers do not offer any kind of pocket or storage, but this baby carrier does offer a large storage pocket on the front waistband

When it comes to your baby, they’ll be supported beginning at the newborn stage with a built-in headrest that can be used until your baby gains head and neck control. 


There are two different seat settings for the seat. When your baby is small, you’ll want to use the narrow setting to ensure your baby’s hips are positioned correctly and to maintain proper circulation to their legs. Then, beginning at 15 pounds, you’ll want to widen the seat to ensure knee-to-knee support.


The next step of the baby carrier is to allow your baby to be front forward-facing once they have the needed head and neck control.

Once your baby hits the 20 pounds mark, you can wear them back forward-facing.

Weight Requirements: 7-35 pounds

Material Type: microfiber

Care Instructions: Machine washable

Orientation: front, back, hip

Waistband Size: XS-XXL, optional belt extender

Carrier Weight: 1.83 pounds












Baby Tula Explore Baby Carrier

amazon link to purchase a baby tula explore baby carrier 

The Baby Tula Explore baby carrier is a versatile, easy-to-use baby carrier that can be used in a variety of positions. You can wear your baby in the front carry position with your baby facing you and use the included head support. Once your baby gains head and neck control, you can choose to continue to front carry your toddler having them face you, or you can front carry and have your child face outward. Then, you can use the carrier to back carry your toddler, forward-facing, until they reach 45 pounds.


On the front of the carrier is a mesh panel that allows for greater ventilation while the baby rides along in the carrier. There is, as I mentioned, an included padded neck and head support pillow. For your comfort, both shoulder straps are padded for extra support. One feature that I have loved about our baby carrier is the removable (mesh) head support that is great for nursing privacy, sun protection, or just for naps.

There is also a storage pocket on the front waist of the carrier for keys or a phone.

The one thing people would change about this baby carrier is that they wish it had lumbar support.

Weight Requirements: 7-45 pounds

Material Type: 100% cotton

Care Instructions: Machine washable

Orientation: front, back

Waistband Size: 27″ – 57″

Carrier Weight: 2.64 pounds











SUNVENO Hip Seat Baby Carrier

amazon link to purchase a sunveno hip seat baby carrier 

I fully recognize this hip seat baby carrier isn’t going to be the right fit for everyone, simply because it isn’t designed for newborns. BUT, if you’re in the market for a baby carrier for an older baby, this may be the clear winner for you.

First, the hip seat is at a 30-degree incline, which allows your baby’s hips to rest comfortably in a more natural position than most baby carriers. The seat also utilizes a silicone granule technology that helps to keep them in place when they’re sitting on the seat.

For you, the shoulder straps are padded and are an X-style shoulder strap, which helps to even out the stress between your waist and shoulders, helping ease the stress on your back and abdomen. It is also made of breathable fabrics that will help keep you and your baby cool.


If you’re going to use the carrier as a forward-facing hip seat carrier, you can begin using this carrier at 4 months, all the way up to 36 months, assuming your toddler is within the weight limit.

You can also use this carrier as a hip seat only for the same age/weight requirements. This position would be beneficial if you want to have your baby with you, and cradle their back while the carrier supports their bottom.

The same is true if you choose to wear this carrier as a hip seat and shoulder belt.


As an added bonus, the carrier comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is always important in case it isn’t what you need. There are also several storage pouches on this carrier.

Weight Requirements: up to 48 pounds

Material Type: Outer (cotton/polyester blend), Lining (100% cotton), N

etting (100% polyester)

Care Instructions: hand wash only

Orientation: front, hip

Waistband Size: up to 50.98 inches

Carrier Weight: 1.8 pounds










Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier

amazon link to purchase a ergobaby omin 360 baby carrier 

The Ergobaby Omni 360 baby carrier is one of the best baby carriers for petite moms for so many reasons. First, they purposefully advertise it as a baby carrier that is made for small women, but truly just about anyone. It is an all-positions baby carrier that can be worn during the newborn stage and continue to serve you throughout the toddler stage.


The Ergobaby can be a forward-facing baby carrier, a back carrier, as well as a hip carrier. You would begin with the front, inward-facing position until your baby gains head and neck control. From there, you can transition to the front, forward-facing position, where your baby is worn on the front, but facing outward.

At 6+ months, you can use this carrier in the hip carry position for your toddler. The

last stage of this baby carrier is the back carry position for babies 6 months and older.


Included on this carrier is a tuck-away baby hood that is SPF 50, great for protecting your baby from the sun. There is also a removable pouch on the front that would be great for a diaper, a small pack of wipes, a paci, your phone, and your keys. When inspecting this baby carrier, you’ll also find the neck support pillow you’ll need to use during the newborn phase until your baby is strong enough to hold up its own head. Then, this pillow just folds down easily.


One great feature about this baby carrier, that isn’t included on all baby carriers is back lumbar support. As someone who is petite, and has personally used the Ergobaby, I cannot tell you how helpful the lumbar support truly is.

Weight Requirements: 7-45 pounds; 0-48 months

Material Type: pearl cotton

Care Instructions: Machine washable

Orientation: front, back, hip

Waistband Size: 26-55 inches

Carrier Weight: 1.7 pounds











Lillebaby Complete All Seasons Baby Carrier

amazon link to purchase a lille baby all seasons baby carrier 

The Lillebaby Complete All Seasons baby carrier is a 6-position baby carrier. It features a temperature control panel that can be secured upright for cooler weather, and let down for warmer weather. For your comfort, there are padded shoulder straps, an extendable soft waist belt, a breathable mesh lining, as well as lumbar support for your back. There is also a storage pocket for small items in the hood pocket of the carrier.

The Lillebaby carrier has adjustable seat and leg openings that create proper hip support, frog-leg seating, as well as the curved C-spine position. Another feature designed to support your baby is the flip-up pillow that will support your baby’s head until they’re able to do it on their own.

You can choose to wear the straps in the H position or the X position depending on your preference. 

Weight Requirements: 7-45 pounds

Material Type: 100% cotton

Care Instructions: Machine washable

Orientation: front, back, hip

Waistband Size: up to 52 inches, can purchase a 9-inch extender

Carrier Weight: 2.25 pounds











Infantino Flip 4-in-1

amazon link to purchase a infantino 4 n 1 baby carrier 

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly baby carrier without all the bells and whistles, you’ll want the Infantino Flip baby carrier.

The Infantino 4-in-1 baby carrier has padded shoulder straps and an adjustable waist belt to help shift the weight to your hips for a more comfortable experience. You can wear this carrier on your front or back

There are 2 adjustable seat positions for your baby, depending on age. You’ll also see that the carrier has snaps, which are there for when your baby no longer needs the head support. You’ll just snap that flap down and be good to go.

For some people, this carrier didn’t work for them until their baby was older. They didn’t feel like their baby’s legs were supported correctly until they were a bit older.

Weight Requirements: 8-32 pounds

Material Type: blend

Care Instructions: Machine Washable

Orientation: front, back

Waistband Size: up to 45 inches

Carrier Weight: 1.3 pounds









Important Features of a Baby Carrier for Petite Moms

Type of Fabric/Breathability

Not every baby carrier is made of the same fabric. You’ll want to keep this in mind as you shop for a baby carrier. Some fabrics hold heat in more than others that can provide a cooler, more breathable wearing experience for both you and your baby.


Types of Straps

Depending on the type of carrier, you may have straps on both shoulders, or just one. A wrap is obviously going to wear differently than a soft-structured baby carrier. With the soft-structured baby carriers, some straps can only be worn in either the X or H- pattern, whereas some carriers can be worn as both. This is important when taking into consideration the weight distribution for your back.


Carrying Position Options

With each baby carrier review, I have included the possible positions you can baby-wear. One thing I didn’t realize when I bought my first baby carrier was that it didn’t have the option for front forward-facing. Meaning when I wore my baby on my front, they couldn’t face out. If you know what positions are important to you, you’re going to be successful in finding the best baby carrier for you as a petite mom.


Support for You and Baby (hip dysplasia)

As you’re shopping for baby carriers, take note of things like lumbar support, and back support. You’ll also want to look for baby carriers that have padded shoulders if you’re going to be babywearing for a long period of time, or if you think you’ll be using the carrier well into the toddler years as your baby gets heavier. Also, take note of how the baby sits in the carrier. Many of the carriers here are recommended as good carriers for avoiding hip dysplasia.


Length of Baby Carrier or Fabric

I have carefully selected these baby carriers for petite moms based on my own experience as a petite mom. I am only including the carriers that are deemed appropriate for smaller women. One thing that we can’t control is how much fabric is leftover with the baby wraps. I didn’t let that keep me from buying the Moby Wrap, I simply wrapped it around one more time and tucked it. Much like other things in life as a petite woman, you just adapt and move on.


When babies are little, it’s pretty easy to be without anything for a couple of hours. But, if you’re going to be walking around somewhere, you may like the added convenience of having a pocket or two for things like a diaper, wipes, your keys, or your phone. Not all baby carriers come with storage on the carrier itself, so look for that specific note in each of the baby carrier reviews.



Will the baby carrier adapt with you as your baby grows. Not all of these baby carriers can be used from birth, and on the flip side, not all of these baby carriers are designed for use in the toddler years. Take note of those things are you’re shopping for the perfect baby carrier for you.


Baby Leg Hole Openings

As your baby’s legs and hips develop, hip dysplasia becomes a concern if you’re not using a baby carrier that designed to properly support a baby’s hips. To the best of my knowledge, all of these carriers are designed with a baby’s needs in mind. You can specifically look at each baby carrier and gauge the size of the leg holes. If you have a chubby baby (I had one of these), some of these carriers may not be comfortable for them. If you’re unsure, a baby wrap may be the way to go.


Baby’s Age/Size Requirements

I’ve made mention of this several times, but not all baby carriers are the same. This is a great thing for consumers because it means we have a lot of options to choose from! When doing each of the baby carrier reviews, I noted each of the age and size requirements for you to easily see.





Baby Carrier FAQ

Are baby slings and wraps safe to use?

When worn correctly, baby slings and baby wraps are safe to use.


What are the weight and age recommendations?

The age and weight recommendations are different for every type and style of baby carrier. It’s important that you check the requirements before purchasing a baby carrier.


What is the best baby carrier for a petite/small torso?

I am including the best baby carrier for petite moms with a variety of choices for each type of baby carrier. 


Does the baby carrier have good back support?

Without a doubt, one of the most important features to look for in a baby carrier is back lumbar support. Not all baby carriers offer the same kind of back support.


Will you need a special infant insert?

Some baby carriers require additional infant inserts. To the best of my knowledge, none of the carriers I have shared here will require you to purchase an additional infant insert.


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