Must-Know Genius Pregnancy Hacks

As you may have already noticed, there are some not-so-favorable aspects of pregnancy we would all rather avoid. But, they’re a part of pregnancy nonetheless, and totally manageable when you have a list of helpful pregnancy hacks for each trimester.


Some women experience nausea during all 3 trimesters while some only have morning sickness. Some women never have any back pain, while other pregnant women have sciatica pain their entire pregnancy.  And for other women, their pregnancy symptoms change during the first, second, and third trimesters.


No matter which part of pregnancy you’re currently in, I am certain you’ll find plenty of helpful pregnancy hacks here!



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Pregnancy Hacks for Combating Pregnancy Induced Nausea

  • Keep stock of the foods you can stomach

Without a doubt, one of the hardest parts of early pregnancy is the food aversions and nausea. With each of my kids, different things set off my nausea. If there are foods or drink smells you can’t stand, don’t have them in your house. For the foods that you can stomach most often, keep a lot of those around.



  • Try seasick bands for nausea 

I hadn’t tried nausea bands until my most recent pregnancy, but they did actually help. Basically, the idea behind the seasick bands is that there is a hard button-like piece on the band that pushes on a specific nerve. If not worn correctly, they likely won’t work. Make sure you take the time to read the directions and even watch a video.




  • Create a pregnancy to-go bag with nausea essentials 

A lot of pregnant women experience nausea more than just in the morning. For some women, it’s an all-day affair. If you’re struggling with nausea while you’re out during the day, a helpful pregnancy hack is to keep a pack of nausea essentials with you either in your purse or your car. I would also recommend keeping one at work too. Here are some things to put in your nausea bag: chewing gum, Preggie Pops, ginger candy, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, puke bag, mints, extra shirt, extra underwear, washcloth, wet wipes.




  • Eat whatever you can, whenever you can

If you’re experiencing nausea all day, just eat something. Obviously, you’d like to think you’re making healthy choices, but there are times when you have to stomach something. The same goes for water. The last thing you want to have happen is to end up in the ER getting fluids because you’re dehydrated. For at least the first trimester, I wouldn’t worry as much about what you’re eating, but more that you’re just eating something.



  • Put fruit in your water if you can’t stomach plain water

It can be really hard to drink plain water. I drink water all day every day, and even I struggled to drink water on my really bad nausea days. But, I did find that putting some lemon or strawberries in my water helped me get the water down. Lemon even helps with nausea as well.

lemon in a cup of water for pregnancy nausea



  • Keep snacks on your bedside table and eat before getting up

There is a lot to be said about eating something before you even crawl out of bed. Getting something on your stomach before moving much will help the fluids in your stomach to settle. Crackers tend to be the most common food because they’re bland and gentle on the stomach.



  • Brush your teeth before doing anything else

Naturally, a lot of women wake up and go straight to pee. BUT, if you can brush your teeth before doing anything else, you have a greater chance of not puking. WHO KNEW?

toothbrush with toothpaste for pregnancy nausea



  • Vitamin B-6

A lot of women swear by taking vitamin B6 for pregnancy nausea. Add Unisom to that, and it’s supposed to be the equivalent of a popular drug often prescribed for pregnant women called Diclegis or Bonjesta. **I am not a medical professional. ALWAYS contact your care provider before taking any medication**



  • Eat foods high in water so you stay well hydrated

Without a doubt one of my favorite things to eat while pregnant is fruit. Specifically various types of melon, strawberries, and a vegetable, cucumbers. These foods all contain a lot of water and were helpful in staying hydrated without drinking water.









Pregnancy Hacks for Your Growing Baby Bump

  • Use a pregnancy pillow to support your growing belly 

Some pregnant women swear by using a pregnancy pillow to sleep better while pregnant. Pregnancy pillows are great because they support your changing body in all the right places. You should check out some of the awesome reviews for this pregnancy pillow!




  • Cut a tank top and make your own belly bands for much cheaper

This is a super easy pregnancy hack. All you need to do is take a regular tank top and cut the tank top about midway. You can use the bottom part of the tank top under your other shirts so that you have a bit more belly coverage so that your baby belly isn’t peeking out under your shirt.



  • Use silk sheets so you can roll over easier as your belly gets bigger

This may sound really funny if this is your first pregnancy. But, as your belly begins to grow, it gets harder to move around in bed, especially when trying to roll from one side to the other. Having silk sheets on your bed will make moving around in bed easier. 





  • Use coconut oil for itchy skin

I love to use coconut oil on my belly while pregnant. I do use other moisturizers as well, but I like coconut oil because it isn’t thick or sticky, and you can add essential oils to it.

pregnant woman rubbing cream on her belly



  • Wear slip-on shoes

During your second trimester, you may begin to struggle with bending over. Make sure you have some comfortable slip-on shoes that you don’t have to bend over to put on or tie. I just bought these slip-on moccasin shoes on Amazon and they are AMAZING! They are super comfortable, easy to get on, and from my experience, can be worn with or without socks, though I like wearing them without.




  • Use no-tie shoelaces

If you can reach your feet but you struggle to actually get your shoes tied, you can try these no-tie shoelaces.




  • Use a hairband for your jeans

I have used this pregnancy hack with every one of my pregnancies to lengthen the amount of time I can wear my own jeans. All you do is fold a hairband in half and place it halfway through the loop on your pants. Pull one side of the hairband through the other and pull tightly. You can now connect the hairband to the button of your pants.








Pregnancy Hacks for Your Growing Breasts

  • Use bra extenders as needed

You may notice rather quickly that your breasts are changing. They may be sore in the beginning, but then you may find that your bras aren’t fitting quite like they used to. Before you run out to buy new bras, try using a bra extender first. If that doesn’t fix your problem, read the next section.




  • Start wearing your nursing bras now, especially if your breasts are leaking

If you’re struggling to wear your current bras comfortably, and you’re planning to breastfeed, you may consider buying a nursing bra now. In my personal experience, I wear the same size nursing bra before giving birth, and then after giving birth once my milk has become regulated. If you’re not breastfeeding and the extender trick doesn’t work, go ahead and buy a couple of new bras. You always want your growing breasts to be supported. If you aren’t sure where to start with finding the right nursing bras, click that link and let me help you!









Pregnancy Hacks for Pregnancy Pains

  • Kinesio tape for pain

A newer method of dealing with back pain during pregnancy is Kinesio tape. This is a special tape that is designed to support muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments. This is so important when you suddenly find yourself overcompensating for your growing belly. 

pregnant belly wrapped in kinesio tape





  • Eat bananas to help with leg cramps

Bananas are a food high in potassium, which helps with cramping. If you’re struggling with your legs cramping, try eating a banana every day for a while and see if that helps relieve your cramping.








Pregnancy Hacks for Healthy Living

  • Exercise as long as you can and then walk on a regular basis

There are some really great postpartum exercise programs available. I did a prenatal fitness program with my most recent pregnancy, and I honestly felt better after I worked out because I felt like it kept my body limber. Pair this with regular walking, and for me, regular chiropractic care, and without a doubt, this last delivery was my easiest. **Check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program or chiropractic care.**



  • Soak your feet in saltwater to reduce swollen feet/ankles

Swollen feet and ankles? Unfortunately, this is a common thing that happens, especially during the third trimester. A simple pregnancy hack for reducing swelling is to soak your feet and ankles in warm water with a bit of Epsom salt. I personally use, love, and recommend Dr. Teal’s Epsom salts!

woman's feet soaking in tub of salt water



  • Sit on an exercise ball to relieve back pain

If you haven’t bought an exercise ball yet, stop what you’re doing and buy one right now. They are amazing to have during pregnancy. Sitting on an exercise ball is great while pregnant because it can alleviate back pain. It is also great to have as your body prepares to deliver because it helps open up your hips and a lot of women sit on them while in labor. They’re relatively cheap, but a must-have for all pregnant women in my opinion! What I love about this particular exercise ball is that it comes with a pregnancy book, and an exercise, birth, and recovery plan. How awesome is that?








Other Helpful Pregnancy Hacks

  • If your OB office allows it- book all appointments now

Not all OB offices are the same, but if you’re able to schedule your appointments in advance, you may consider doing so. This will help you to schedule other things around your important OB appointments.



  • Use the Mommy Meds app to know what you can take while pregnant

Thankfully, there is an app you can use to find out what medications are safe to take while pregnant. You may want to download the Mommy Meds app to use during your pregnancy.



  • Use a planner or Alexa so you don’t forget things- pregnancy brain is real!

Pregnancy brain isn’t just a term, it’s real. There is a strange thing that happens when a tiny, growing human is taking things from you. Your brain just doesn’t process the way it once did. Forgetfulness is often a side effect of pregnancy. If you’re struggling to remember things, let Alexa help with the Amazon Echo Dot! Or if you like to write things down and have it in your hands, let me help you find the perfect planner for your life!



  • Take a birth and breastfeeding class

I highly recommend that every first-time mom take a birth class. You may choose to take the class online, but I got more out of sitting in a class and having the instructor there to ask questions and clarify things for me. I also recommend that anyone considering breastfeeding take a breastfeeding class. This can absolutely be done online, especially if you’re trying to decide if breastfeeding is for you. The online breastfeeding class I recommend is from Milkology. You can check it out and do a 5-day trial run before you purchase.



I hope you have found all of these pregnancy hacks to be helpful! Best wishes to you in your pregnancy journey!



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blessings to you, Lisa






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