Postpartum Essentials for New Moms

When it comes to postpartum care, there is a lot to do. Between caring for yourself and your new baby, you may not have time for any more tasks! These are the must-have postpartum essentials for new moms after giving birth and the things you should have for your new baby.



You’ll learn about what you should buy for your own postpartum care, the postpartum essentials you’ll need for breastfeeding (if you plan to breastfeed), the postpartum care essentials you’ll need for your baby, and how to prepare your house with postpartum essentials (in case you have a bathroom upstairs and downstairs).



The BEST part- every postpartum essential I’m going to share with you can be bought on Amazon and have it sent right to your doorstep! YESSS!!!!



I personally put together some postpartum care baskets for mom and baby, because I want you to see that I’m not just recommending random products. I am only including the items I use, and I want you to see that I have them in my house. These are the must-have postpartum essentials for new moms after giving birth and the things you should have for your new baby.


 picture of a basket of postpartum essentials for new moms who just gave birth



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What should I buy for postpartum care?


Postpartum essentials for mom

Ice Packs

I used reusable ice packs for the first couple of weeks following my vaginal deliveries. They make sure a huge difference and these are great because they’re reusable with a cover that’s washable if needed. Another popular brand of pack. They are super convenient!








Witch Hazel Pads

Witch hazel pads without a doubt are one of two postpartum must-haves I didn’t know I needed. At the hospital, your nurses will likely help you learn how to position these in your underwear so they hit right on your bottom. They are an amazing thing that provides a cooling sensation to your lady parts and helps heal things more quickly. You’ll likely get to bring your leftovers home from the hospital, but I went through an extra container of TUCKS pads each time. I would recommend making sure you have a container of TUCKS in each bathroom.







Pain Reliever

You’ll likely be given some sort of prescription for pain medication. If not, or if you choose not to take it, you can manage your postpartum pain with a combination of Tylenol and Motrin. I staggered mine, which allowed me to make sure I was always taking one before the other wore off.






Postpartum Sitz bath

Yes, it is recommended that you do not submerge your body in water after having a baby. But, your care provider may allow you to take a sitz bath using Epsom salts. I’m not going to share a lot of detail about this, but here is an awesome post about how to take a postpartum sitz bath, if it is OK’d by your doctor.






Maxi Pads

So let’s just put it out there- the pads you get at the hospital AREN’T your monthly menstrual pads. They are ginormous diaper-like pads. The postpartum pads you use in the hospital are AMAZING. But, just in case you don’t have enough from your hospital freebies pack, make sure you have some large maxi pads in your postpartum essentials kit. The flex foam pads are super comfortable for your lady parts. I would recommend buying 2 or 3 packs.






Stool softener

I have taken the Colace brand stool softener after each of my deliveries. Regardless of the type of delivery you have, the muscles down there go through A LOT! And let me tell you, pooping isn’t easy after having a baby. Check with your doctor, but they’ll likely tell you to take a stool softener so make sure to add it to your postpartum care kit.






Peri Bottle

I cannot stress this enough- make sure you have a peri bottle in every bathroom you may possibly use. For the first several weeks of your postpartum recovery, you’re not supposed to wipe your lady parts. And chances are, you won’t want to, especially if you have any tearing of the perineum. A peri bottle is a water bottle designed to squirt warm water up onto your lady parts to clean them off. These peri irrigation bottles are like what they give you in the hospital. But, if you want the Cadillac version of a peri bottle, you can go for this peri bottle for cleaning mom after birth.






Pain-relieving spray

Along with the TUCKS medicated witch hazel pads, you’ll want to add on a bottle of Dermoplast medicated healing spray. I would put about 3 TUCKS pads end to end inside my underwear, and then spray the Dermoplast spray over them. It is a magical, cooling experience for your perineum post-delivery. I would recommend buying 1 bottle of Dermoplast for each bathroom.  This is one of my top postpartum essentials for new moms.






Postpartum belly wrap

My postpartum belly wrap was slightly different than this one, but I really like how this postpartum belly wrap has so many adjustable velcro options. Mine was pretty straightforward, but this postpartum girdle would be great as your belly size goes down. 

amazon link to purchase an postpartum belly wrap 





Donut Pillow

After having your baby sit on your pelvic bone for the end of your pregnancy, you’ll likely benefit from some back pain relief. Not only that, but if you had perineal tearing, or if you ended up with hemorrhoids, this donut pillow will be a postpartum necessity for you. Having a donut pillow takes the pressure off your bottom during your postpartum recovery. Make sure you add one to your postpartum recovery basket.

amazon link to purchase an orthopedic donut pillow for postpartum care



Postnatal vitamins

It may be tempting to stop taking your vitamins, but DON’T! As your body recovers from having your baby, it is scrambling to recoup all of the vitamins it puts out. Even if you aren’t breastfeeding you’ll want to take a postnatal vitamin for a few weeks to help your body recover. Postnatal vitamins are super important for your new baby if you are breastfeeding. I have personally written an entire post dedicated to postnatal vitamins.






Heating Pad

You may need a heating pad for a variety of things after having a baby. You may need it for your sore breasts, your sore abdomen as your uterus is contracting back, or your back or bottom from giving birth. Make sure you add a heating pad to your postpartum care essentials basket.







Padsicles were one of my favorite postpartum essentials for my lady parts. Before having my babies, I would take regular menstrual pads and put either witch hazel or water on them. Some people also like to put essentials oils on them to help aid in healing perineum tears. Then, you lay them flat in the freezer and let them freeze for a few hours. Once frozen, fold them up and put them in a Ziploc bag. Postpartum padsicles were one of my very favorite things for my postpartum recovery. You could also try these Frida Mom Maxi Pads. 






Frida Mom Kit

If you’re looking for a postpartum kit that will get you a good start on your postpartum basket, check out this Postpartum Care Kit from Frida Mom. It comes with a peri bottle, 4 pairs of postpartum underwear, some pads and ice packs, and some postpartum recovery foam. You’ll need to add some other things to your postpartum care kit, but this is a good start, and would also be a great postpartum gift for a new mom.






Big Underwear

Fruit of the Loom makes comfortable postpartum underwear– OK so maybe they weren’t made to be postpartum underwear, but they’ll be the perfect addition to your postpartum care kit. They’re comfortable and they come up higher than regular underwear. This is especially important if you have a c-section.







Postpartum essentials for breastfeeding

Nipple cream

Nipple cream is an essential postpartum tool for breastfeeding. The hospital provided samples of the Medela Lanolin Nipple Cream, but you’ll want to have a tube at home as well. You put it on after breastfeeding. This lanolin cream will help your nipples get used to breastfeeding and also provide comfort as needed throughout your breastfeeding journey. Using lanolin nipple cream is also great at keeping your nipples from sticking to your nursing pads.






Nursing bra (if breastfeeding)

I love Kindred Bravely and Bravado bras for breastfeeding. They’re comfortable, they offer great support for your engorged breasts, and they are very durable. The first picture is the BRAVADO! bra size A-F. The second picture is the Kindred Bravely bra size is F-I. You’ll notice they look very similar, but the size thing was an issue for me at various stages.

amazon link to purchase a bravado brand nursing bra for breastfeeding moms amazon link to purchase a kindred bravely nursing bra for larger busted breastfeeding moms 






Nursing pads

Kindred Bravely is one of my favorite postpartum shops. They have an excellent selection of bras for breastfeeding moms. They also happen to make awesome reusable nursing pads to catch and breast milk leakage you may experience. Sometimes the disposable breast pads aren’t comfortable and can stick to your nipple. Not with these. They’re also a super eco-friendly breast pad option! This is a pack of 8, and I would recommend buying 2 packs.

amazon link to purchase a pack of washable, organic, reusable breastfeeding pads 





Nipple shells

If you’re going to be breastfeeding, you’ll want to grab a pack of these haakaa nipple shells. They’ll keep your sore nipples protected while collecting any leaked breastmilk so it won’t go to waste. I like this brand specifically because there are 4 little feet on the bottom that allow you to sit the nipple shells on a flat surface and not spill the breastmilk. Also, they are food-grade silicone and reusable.

 amazon link to purchase a set of haakaa brand silicone breastfeeding nipple shells





Nipple hot/cold packs

Your breasts go through their own postpartum recovery. Regardless of if you’re planning to breastfeed, they’ll still fill with breastmilk and be uncomfortable. These Lansinoh breast cold/hot packs and both calming and soothing depending on the need. They are great for relieving pain tied to engorgement and mastitis.






Breast milk storage bags

There are a lot of breast milk storage bags to choose from. I have done all of the hard work for you, so make sure you check out this post on the best breastmilk storage bags!






Breast pump

Take my advice- finding the right breast pump on the first try is essential! I didn’t have the most high-quality breast pump when I went back to work after breastfeeding, and it caused an issue with my breastmilk supply. Hands down, my favorite breast pump is the Spectra S1. I share all of the reasons why I recommend this particular breast pump in this awesome post about breastfeeding and pumping.






Nursing pillow

I have used the Boppy breastfeeding pillow when breastfeeding all of my kids. I like that I can move it where I need it and that there is a waterproof cover on it for easy washing. I also appreciate that I have been able to use it as a prop pillow for sitting, as well as for tummy time. 

amazon link to purchase a boppy breastfeeding pillow








Postpartum essentials for baby

postpartum essentials for newborns

Newborn/size 1 diapers

Considering you won’t know what size of diapers your baby will need, make sure you’ve grabbed a pack of newborn diapers, just in case. You can always buy more if needed. You’ll want to have a decent stock of size 1 diapers because most babies spend at least a month or two in size 1 diapers, but also grab a pack of size 2 diapers as well.






Baby Sleepers with zippers

There are so many baby sleepers to choose from, but make sure you have some baby sleepers with zippers for when you come home from the hospital. As your body is recovering from delivery, you won’t want to spend any more time bent over than necessary, and snaps take forever.






Diaper cream

Make sure you have a couple of tubes of different baby diaper creams. Not all diaper creams work for all babies. And babies have a lot of hormonal changes after birth that can cause painful diaper rash. Some of my favorite diaper creams are Maximum Strength Desitin, Aquaphor Healing Ointment, Boudreaux’s Natural Diaper Paste, and my absolute favorite is the Zarbee’s Daily Bottom Balm.






Baby Thermometer

I was given the Exergen Temporal Thermometer with my first baby and I have loved it. I always feel like it’s accurate, it’s easy to use, and I can check my kids’ temperatures even while they sleep.

amazon link to purchase an exergen temporal thermometer 





Variety of Newborn Pacifiers

One of the best pieces of advice I was given was to register for a variety of types of bottles, as well as different types of newborn pacifiers. DO IT! I can promise you that the last thing you want to be doing after coming home from the hospital is searching for a pacifier or bottle that your newborn will take.

The hospital where I deliver gives out the Avent Soothie pacifiers, which aren’t my favorite because they concern me from a dental perspective. Two of my favorites are the MAM Perfect Start Pacifiers, and the BIBS infant pacifiers. These are indeed a postpartum essential for new moms.






Baby powder

You may not know it, but the best diaper baby powder for your baby is right in your kitchen. You need to go read all about it and find out what to do with it. We have tried prescriptions for diaper rash, and the only thing that has fixed it is this baby powder in your kitchen






Gripe water

You won’t know if your baby has something like colic until they’re born, and probably not for the first couple of weeks. One thing to consider adding to your baby’s postpartum care pack is gripe water. Babies bellies sometimes have a hard time getting rid of gas causing discomfort. It can also be calming for a baby who has colic.

amazon link to purchase a pack of little remedies brand gripe water for babies 






Gas drops

I think every new mom should have infant gas drops in their house. I really try to not give my kids anything type of medication they don’t need, BUT there is a time for gas drops. They were a serious game changer for 2 of my kids. Both also had colic but giving gas drops before each feeding made such a difference in their tummy discomfort.






Hand mittens

You aren’t supposed to cut your baby’s fingernails right after they’re born because they’ve been submerged in fluid for so long. A couple of days after they’re born you can carefully cut them, but in the meantime, make sure you put some baby mittens on them to keep your baby from scratching their face.






Ready to use formula

If you know you’re planning to formula feed, have some ready-made formula at your house for when you get home from the hospital. It’s likely that the hospital will give you a few bottles for free, but having the convenience of not having to make a bottle for each feeding is super helpful at the beginning of your postpartum recovery.






Noise machine

We bought each of our babies a heartbeat bear because it is the sound they heard most. We also bought a Hushh portable sound machine for when we stay the night places and need to drown out all the other noise while the baby sleeps.

amazon link to purchase a cinch deluxe plush soothing sounds bear 


Baby swaddles

Each of our babies LOVED being swaddled. The swaddle me brand of baby swaddles was our favorite because it kept the baby in a cocoon-like position, similar to being in the womb.



Baby carrier

Most babies like being right next to mom’s heartbeat, and smelling her smell. This is because you are the only thing they really know. Two of my favorite baby wraps are the Boba baby wrap and the Moby baby wrap. My colciky baby spent a lot of time in the Moby wrap. Another carrier I used a lot was the Ergobaby baby carrier. I love that this baby carrier transitions between forward and backward facing, meaning you can use it for a much longer period of time than some that only offer forward facing. If you’re a petite woman, you should see my recommendations of the best baby carriers for petite moms.

amazon link to purchase an ergobaby brand mutli-position baby carrier 







Postpartum Household Essentials

Disposable silverware and plates

I am all for recycling and trying to be “green”, but when you’re exhausted most days, not having to worry about washing dishes is great. So, grab yourself a pack or two of disposable silverware and disposable plates.






Freezer Meals

We were incredibly blessed with some great friends who made some freezer meals for us before our babies were born. Whether you have friends give you meals, or you make the freezer meals, be sure you have some prepared meals ready to be cooked in your freezer. The last thing you want to do is cook for a few weeks after having a baby.






Restaurant Gift Cards

One of my favorite baby gifts we were given with the birth of each child was food gift cards. When money is tight, especially if you know you’re going to have medical bills to pay, having the gift of being able to get takeout is AMAZING! If you can, consider cashing in your points through a coupon app like ibotta, or your banking card reward points.






Hand sanitizer

I feel like this should go without saying in the times we are living in, but make sure you have some hand sanitizer (if you can find it)! Making your way to soap and water isn’t always doable, so be sure you have some hand sanitizer at home, and also a travel hand sanitizer for the diaper bag.






AA/AAA batteries

Many of the items you’ll need for your postpartum recovery as a new mom will involve various types of batteries. A lot of baby gear requires bateries. Be sure you have stocked up with a pack of AA batteries and AAA batteries. Also, check all of your baby gear and see if you’ll need any other type of battery.







As your body is recovering from giving birth, be sure that you’ve stocked up with all of your favorite snacks. Sometimes it can be really hard to sit down for a meal. Look for snacks high in protein and high in fiber.






What not do after giving birth?

Don’t ignore a fever or excessive bleeding

My care provider told me to call if I spiked a fever higher than 101.4 degrees. Somehow I misunderstood that and didn’t call until my fever was at 104. Don’t be like me. Mine required an ER visit because I had developed an infection and my body wasn’t handling it well. Also, I was supposed to watch for any large clots of excessive bleeding. If you aren’t sure, ALWAYS make the call to your healthcare provider. You pay them to be there for you when you need them.






Don’t use tampons

One important thing about the first 6 weeks after having a baby is that you don’t want to put ANYTHING up into your vagina. Even if you’ve had a c-section, they still recommend not using tampons and letting your body fully recover.






Don’t strain when pooping

Pooping is going to suddenly be something you hate. It honestly feels like your entire bottom could fall out of your body. I found myself gripping onto anything I could hold onto. It was painful and uncomfortable and I hated it. But the most important thing is to no strain when pooping. Make sure you continue to take a stool softener for about a week after leaving the hospital. It will make pooping so much easier for you.






Don’t have sex

Ladies, I know it may not feel like it after a couple of weeks, but your body is still recovering from the birth experience. Not to mention, you CAN get pregnant again. Don’t just back into bed before you have the all-clear from your health practitioner. This usually happens at your 6-week postpartum visit. 






Don’t do strenuous exercise

The best exercise after having a baby is walking. You aren’t supposed to do any type of strenuous activity until you’re given the go-ahead at your 6-week postpartum visit. Too strenuous of an exercise can cause a serious setback in your postpartum recovery, not to mention the immediate potential for things like bleeding. If you’re doing too much, your body will often start bleeding more than normal. I noticed this would happen if I did too much of anything for the first 2 weeks.






Don’t submerge your body in water

I knew this was a thing, but until recently doing some research, I didn’t know why. You aren’t supposed to submerge your body in water after having a baby because the pressure of the water can be forced up into your lady parts. who knew? By the way, this includes taking a bath, sitting in a hot tub, and swimming.






Don’t wait too long to pee

Your bladder and all of your other internal organs have been moved all around to accommodate your baby. Your bladder especially has had a baby laying on it for several months now. When you have to pee, make it a priority. Don’t wait to go. Also, make sure you’re doing your kegel exercises because it makes a HUGE difference in your bladder control after having a baby.






Don’t start a diet

While your body is recovering from having a baby, it is essential that you allow your body to use the food it needs. Don’t start any kind of diet until you talk with your healthcare provider at your 6-week postpartum care visit.






Don’t let sleep deprivation get the best of you

I struggle a bit to even write this section. I seriously have PTSD after one of my babies didn’t sleep for longer than an hour at a time for nearly 5 months. The sleep deprivation was unreal and I honestly don’t even know how I functioned safely. If sleep deprivation is getting the best of you, ASK FOR HELP! Don’t wait until something bad happens. If you’re not sure, check out the signs of postpartum sleep deprivation.






Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Without a doubt, this would be my number 1 piece of advice in this entire post. DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP! If you don’t have a circle of family or friends who can help you, reach out to your medical care team and ask how they can help you. Having a baby is a lot, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Give yourself grace, realize you can’t do it all on your own and ask for help.








How do you take care of yourself postpartum?

Get rest when you can

That saying, “Sleep when the baby sleeps”, has never been more relevant. Unless of course, you have other kids, in which case you sleep whenever you can safely sleep. Make sure your body is getting enough rest to recover well.






Have someone there to help you

Before you give birth, make sure you’ve set yourself up to have someone help you for the first few weeks. Regardless of how you gave birth, your postpartum recovery as a new mom is essential for your own well-being and your baby’s also.






Eat healthy meals

I know there are probably some foods you’ve gone without for the duration of your pregnancy. Indulge yourself, momma! You deserve it. But, make sure you’re also doing your best to give your body healthy foods for your postpartum recovery.






Monitor your blood loss

As mentioned before, make sure you’re monitoring your blood loss and blood clots. If you see something concerning, or if there is a strange smell, call your doctor.






Drink lots of water

Some women think they don’t need as much water if they aren’t breastfeeding. WRONG! Your body is recovering from giving birth and putting those fluids back into your body is super important.






Follow proper hygiene advice

When being discharged from the hospital after giving birth, you’ll be given a lot of information about how to care for yourself in the postpartum trimester, also known as the 4th trimester. Make sure you read this information and follow the recommendations.






Don’t let your breasts become engorged

If you’re breastfeeding, make sure you’re breasts aren’t becoming engorged. If you want to build up a freezer stash of breastmilk, do that now. Then, as you need to begin to lower your supply, only pump until comfortable, not until your breasts are empty. Otherwise, this will cause constant engorgement. Also, be mindful that you can get clogged ducts too if you aren’t careful.

If you aren’t breastfeeding, engorgement is likely inevitable as your breasts realize they can stop making breastmilk. Use your heat and icepacks to try and manage your discomfort.






Keep an eye out for a fever

As I mentioned before, monitor your fever and be certain to follow their recommendations of when you need to call a doctor for your fever.








What is normal postpartum bleeding?

Bleeding can last up to 6 weeks

Some women bleed for quite a while after giving birth. For other women, it’s just a week or so of postpartum bleeding. If you’re concerned about how much you’re bleeding, never hesitate to call your doctor.






Similar to a heavy period

As your postpartum body is clearing out everything left after giving birth, it will likely feel like a really heavy period. As your uterus is shrinking back, you’ll likely have uterine cramping as well, which will be magnified every time you breastfeed for the first week or so. If you’re soaking more than a pad per hour, call your doctor.






Heaviest up to day 10, then tapers off

For *most* women, the heaviest postpartum bleeding will taper off by the 10-day mark. For other women, it will take a bit longer. Just remember- no tampons!






Large clots- call the doctor

Be sure to follow the guidelines suggested by your doctor at the time of your discharge from the hospital, but anything bigger than a golf ball was a reason for a phone call per my doctor’s orders








How long do I need to rest after giving birth?

The initial recovery time after giving birth is just a few days. Depending on if you had an epidural or not, as well as if you had a c-section or natural birth, will dictate how quickly you can be up and moving after giving birth. For some, you can be up and moving immediately, and for others, it may be a few hours.

The long-term recovery after giving birth is 6-8 weeks. At your 6 weeks postpartum visit, you can discuss things like exercise, sex, and returning to work.



Postpartum care is an important post part of the motherhood journey, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or frustrating when you’re equipped with what you need. It’s not just about postpartum essentials for mom postbirth – new moms also need a postpartum essential kit that includes items like diapers and wipes so they can change their baby without having to worry about supplies! These are the most important post-pregnancy must-haves that will ensure your health as well as your baby’s wellness following childbirth.



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