Pregnancy Tips for First-Time Moms

Being pregnant as a first-time mom can be TOTALLY OVERWHELMING!




It’s all baby registry this, an ultrasound that, etc, etc.




At the beginning of your pregnancy, the only thing you need to really worry about is taking care of yourself. Right now, you may be experiencing a lot of the first trimester symptoms, and taking care of your body mentally, physically and emotionally is really the best thing you can be doing for your growing baby.




I want to break down what self-care as a pregnant mom looks like, how to stay healthy during your pregnancy, as well as the most common things pregnant women should avoid.




Pregnancy as a first-time mom can be really hard. Not knowing what to expect, these pregnancy tips for first-time moms will be SUPER helpful!



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Self-Care for Moms During Pregnancy


Prenatal massage

Yes and yes! I had a few prenatal massages with each of my pregnancies, and let me be the first to tell you, they aren’t all the same. Some massage therapists aren’t as knowledgeable about prenatal massages as others. I would HIGHLY recommend that you get a prenatal massage from someone who is specifically trained to do them.


 picture of a pregnant woman getting a maternity massage






Buy a body pillow

Some pregnant women swear by their pregnancy pillows. I was not one of those. It didn’t seem to fit where I needed it and I had better luck with a regular memory foam body pillow. As your baby belly grows, you’ll start to notice that it’s harder to get comfortable to sleep at night. A pillow helps you to adjust your pregnant body in such a way that takes the pressure off your joints and gives your baby belly the support it needs while you sleep.

picture of a pregnant woman laying in a pregnancy body pillow 









As your cute little baby belly starts to grow, you may experience uncomfortable back pain. One quick and easy way to help make the back pain better is to try a belly support band. Also known as a maternity belt, these bands offer great support for your back and in my opinion, they can help keep your posture.











Eat foods you like

In the first trimester of my pregnancies, one of the things I struggled with the most was nausea finding the right foods. I kid you not, I would often send my (amazing) husband out to get food for me around 9 pm because, for whatever reason, that was when SOMETHING finally sounded good.


Try your best to eat a well-balanced diet, but really, as long as the nausea is alive and well, just eat something that you can stomach. This is one of my favorite tips for surviving pregnancy. Here are some of my favorite pregnancy hacks for each trimester!










Belly moisturizer

As your pregnant belly begins to grow, you may start to get stretch marks. Somehow I escaped without many, and I honestly attribute that to my belly moisturizers. A combination of belly oil and belly butter were my go-to combination. Not to mention, as your belly stretches, your skin starts to become dry and itchy. Having an already moisturized baby bump will help make it more bearable.

picture of a bottle of burt's bees mama body oil for pregnant belly 










Self-care during pregnancy is essential. One of my favorite pregnancy tips for first-time moms is pedicures! I LOVED having someone massage my tired feet. For my first pregnancy, I was a teacher who stood on cement floors for 8 hours a day. Even with my supportive shoes, my feet still hurt. And, as you inch towards the end of your pregnancy, you won’t be able to reach your feet as well over your baby bump, which is the perfect reason to get a pedicure.






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Hire a cleaning lady

I never did this- BUT I should have! If you’re a busy, working mom, finding the energy to clean your house during the first trimester is sometimes impossible. After a long day at work as a pregnant woman, you want to come home and rest. Have a cleaning lady come and clean your house every other week.










Do grocery delivery

Honest moment here- grocery delivery, and even grocery pick-up are AMAZING! There are times when going to the grocery doesn’t sound fun at all. And I like grocery shopping. But when you’re pregnant and tired and possibly tired of dealing with people, the grocery can be avoided with grocery delivery. Even if you just do it a few times, it can make pregnant mom life easier.










New maternity clothes

I enjoyed every moment of wearing maternity clothes. I loved feeling like it was OK for my baby belly to be growing and I was grateful I had the clothes to support that. You don’t have to spend a fortune on maternity clothes, but focus on just buying a few keys items in the beginning. Then add to that as you need.











Take weekly bump pictures

It may seem silly while you’re doing it but take weekly belly bump photos. I love looking back and comparing my pregnancies. And, it’s fun to compare my belly bump photos with my friends’. Here are some super cute baby bump stickers!

picture of a set of belly bump stickers with an amazon link to purchase 





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Ways to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy


Rest a lot

GET ALL THE SLEEP! Seriously, one of the hardest things to do once your baby is here is to find time to sleep. Enjoy the quiet time you have now, and get as much rest as you possibly can. Also, your body is experiencing a lot of changes and growing a human is hard work.











Eat a healthy diet

I totally get that eating can be a challenge in and of itself. First-trimester nausea and some of the other symptoms associated with it can make eating sometimes seem unbearable. My biggest advice is to eat what you can stomach until you can get back to eating a healthier diet rich in vitamins and minerals. f you’re struggling with nausea. consider trying some Preggie Pop Drops.

picture of a container of preggie pop drops with an amazon link to purchase 










Take your prenatal vitamins

Another of the most important pregnancy tips for first-time moms is to take care of yourself and your growing baby by taking your prenatal vitamins. With each of my pregnancies, I had VERY low iron. Thankfully I was at least getting some extra iron with my prenatal I had been taking all along. Another important thing to remember is that if you’re struggling to get great nutrition, your prenatal vitamin is even all that more important.

picture of a bottle of atif organic prenatal vitamins for pregnant women; includes an amazon link to purchase 


Did you know that there are postnatal vitamins you should consider taking after you have your baby? As with anything, always check with your care provider, but I had never considered taking one until my first delivery. 










Get gentle exercise

I am not a medical professional, so certainly check with them first, but I know how important exercise is during pregnancy. Once cleared by your doctor, something as simple as a brisk walk a couple of nights a week is a great exercise to get your heart rate up. Another advantage of exercise if keeping your muscles flexible and prepared for labor and birth.











Stay hydrated

One of the most important pregnancy tips for first-time moms is to stay hydrated! Your baby needs lots of fluids and so do you! Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. If the bland taste of water starts to bother you, add some fresh fruit. Yes, I know this is going to make you have to pee more, but this is just a reality of pregnancy.


picture of a pregnant woman drinking orange juice











Go to your prenatal visits

100% you need to be getting your prenatal care. There is so much that can happen at any point in your pregnancy and having regular check-ins is super important for your health and the health of your baby. Your health care providers will likely do urine testing each visit and then a series of different tests throughout your pregnancy.











Skip the alcohol

I know this comes into question a lot. Some people say a glass of red wine here or there isn’t a big deal, but in my mind, alcohol is a BIG NO-NO during pregnancy. If you have questions about the safety of alcohol during pregnancy, check with your health care provider.











Avoid foods pregnant women shouldn’t eat

Did you know there are certain foods women should avoid while pregnant? Some of the most common foods women don’t realize they shouldn’t be eating are raw eggs, high-mercury fish, raw fish, raw meat (including things like hot dogs and lunch meat), and unpasteurized dairy.











Limit caffeine intake

I know you may SWEAR by caffeine, but you should really try to cut back on caffeine while pregnant. Trust me, there will be PLENTY of opportunities to need caffeine once your baby is here.











Avoid hot baths and showers

This was one of the hardest things for me as a pregnant mom. I wanted to help relieve my sore, tired muscles with a hot shower or bath, but the answer is no. Warmer water is OK, but super hot water is frowned upon because it can raise your overall body temperature for your baby.











Know what medications are safe to take while pregnant

There are some medications that are safe while pregnant, but some medications are extremely unsafe to take while pregnant. For me, when it came to medications, I always asked my healthcare providers. Hands down, they are your greatest resource.








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What to Avoid During Pregnancy



There are times when Google can be your best friend, but more often than not, Google is a really bad resource for pregnant women. It can convince you that you’re dying because you have a headache while pregnant. OK, so maybe that’s a bit much, but it can seriously set you up for a worst-case scenario when there really may not be a problem at all. Stay away from Google!











Negative friends and family

If you have people in your life who are negative in general, but more importantly if they’re negative towards you about your pregnancy, you should consider taking a break from them while you’re pregnant. It makes no sense to keep the stress in your life. If they’re family, create as much distance as you can.











Symptoms you can get relief for

If your back is hurting, find a way to make it feel better. If your feet are swollen, take the time to put them up. When you have pregnancy symptoms you can fix, fix them. It only makes sense. 











Don’t worry about the number on the scale

I have always been mindful of my weight. It’s not always where it should be, but I paid attention to it while I was pregnant. I also realized that most women gain weight during pregnancy. The American Pregnancy Association created this awesome resource about pregnancy weight gain. It breaks down every part of where the extra baby weight is going.












You are amazing, momma! Growing a tiny human is a lot of work, and unless you’ve done it before, you have no clue what you’re doing. It’s a beautiful, scary, amazing journey from conception to childbirth. Give yourself a break and stop doubting yourself. You’ll question every single decision you make regarding your child for the rest of your life. And trust me, this starts in pregnancy. Do the best you can to stay healthy and don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake.





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Use These Early Pregnancy Care Tips for First-Time Moms

I have just given you the pregnancy care tips I found most useful, especially when I was pregnant for the first time. Pregnancy can be very scary because you’re afraid you’ll mess it up. But it is also one of the coolest experiences ever (once the morning sickness wears off at least).



Try your best to take care of yourself, and if you’re struggling to care for yourself, get someone else to figure out how to take care of a pregnant woman every day, especially if you’re married. Your spouse is one of your greatest resources while you’re pregnant, so you should let them help. These are the best pregnancy tips for first-time moms and I hope they have helped you!







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