Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas for New Moms

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You want to give a gift the expectant mom will enjoy and actually use, and if you shop here, you’ll be sure to buy the best baby shower gift.



I asked a bunch of mommy bloggers what their best baby shower gift was and why? Here are their responses! I hope you find some great things to either add to your own baby shower wish list ideas or to give to the new mommy in your life.



Here are the best baby shower gifts we were given!




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Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas 


Best Gifts for Diapering Baby

Rachel @ Practical, Not Perfect:  Diapers

picture of a box of pampers baby diapers; includes a link to purchase on amazon


My favorite baby shower gift is diapers! That was all I asked to receive at my last two showers because diapers are SO EXPENSIVE. I asked for all sizes too. I didn’t have to buy my first pack of diapers until my son was 16 months old. After totaling it all up, I saved thousands not having to buy them myself.



My Thought: 100% YES!! You can seriously NEVER have enough diapers. My tip here is that even if you do end up with too many diapers in one size, you can exchange them, or give them as a baby shower gift. If you aren’t sure where the diapers are from, there is an app called Shop Savvy that allows you to scan the barcode of an item and it will give you a list of retailers who carry the product. From my experience, Kroger and Target have been great about returning/exchanging diapers.




Allie @ Mommy Messenger: Baby Bum Brush


picture of the bumco diaper cream spatula for baby bottoms; includes a link to purchase on amazon


My absolute favorite baby shower gift was a Baby Bum Brush! It’s a simple and inexpensive little silicone “spatula” that you use to apply diaper cream. It helps keep the cream off your fingers and out of your fingernails! It even has a suction cup on the bottom, so you can quickly and easily set it down without getting the changing table messy. Definitely my most used baby shower gift!



My Thought: How did I not know this existed?! This would be such an awesome gift because it’s inevitable that you’ll be using diaper cream at some point and keeping your hands mess free would be amazing! This is such a practical gift for any busy mom!








Best Gifts for Baby Sleep

Anneka @ Chateaud Mama: Owlet Smart Sock

picture of a cellphone and the owlet sleep sock; includes a link to purchase on amazon 


My favorite gifts we received aside from all the beautiful clothes, blankets, etc. were the highly functional items including Ewan the Dream Sheep (a cute sleep aid which omits various kinds of pink noise) and the best gift of all which was the Owlet Smart Sock which measures baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.


Also, not sure if it counts but I gifted myself a Sleepyhead ? which is super for lounging around with baby during the day and co-sleeping/crib reduction at night, that really would be just the PERFECT baby shower gift!





My Thought: I didn’t register for or receive the Owlet Smart Sock, but what a great idea! As a new mom, you are so frantic about every little thing that could possibly go wrong with your baby. I would have to believe that you would sleep better knowing your baby was breathing well. And yes, get something for yourself. A Sleepyhead sounds like a great idea for a, “ME” gift.







Lindsay @ The Sneaky Genius: Baby Shusher

picture of the baby shusher sound machine; includes a link to purchase on amazon 

The baby shusher! I’m on my third kid, you think I would have found out about this thing sooner but nooooooo. It’s the handiest little calmer-downer thing. I included it in a post I wrote about a tiny list of things about how to keep your baby calm and you sane!



My Thought: YES! SHHHHHHHHH. You will say that a lot. Even well into toddlerhood. Finding a machine that will do it for you… jackpot!





Jen @ Minnesota Momma: Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit



Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit was the most amazing baby product we received! We had no idea how much it would change our sleeping lives! We love it and swear by it.

My Thought: We weren’t given one of these, but I know this has been an amazing product for so many moms whose babies have trouble sleeping!


Rigel @ Holes In Your Socks: Halo SleepSack

The best thing I got was a Halo SleepSack. When I had my first I had no idea this sort of thing even existed (It’s like a blanket they wear! Totally safe for SIDS), but I loved it so much since then we’ve had all the sizes and styles for different seasons for both my son and my daughter. Best. Gift. Ever.

My Thought: We borrowed a Halo SleepSack when one of our kids had colic. It worked well for a few days (just like the other things we tried), but I know a lot of moms who swear by their Halo sleep sacks. And honestly, they’re relatively cheap for a good night’s sleep.






Kristi @ Busy Loving Life: Halo SleepSack

The HALO SleepSack!! This thing was like magic for helping both of my girls to sleep better! It’s what I get all new moms now.

My Thought: Another vote for Halo Sleep Sack. Yes, they are seriously that amazing!








Baby Carriers


Wayanna @ All Graced Up: Ergobaby

My ergo! It’s carried my babies up to 45 lbs., it’s lightweight & so user-friendly. It took us from newborn bonding, through the toddler years.

My Thought: YES! I loved our Ergobaby. One of our babies had colic and this was one of the only places sleep would happen. It is an awesome baby carrier to share with your significant other because it is easily adjustable. It has a zipper pouch on it as well, which is convenient for a small pack of wipes, a diaper, and a pacifier.


Marit @ Create Family Culture: Baby K’Tan baby carrier



My favorite was a Baby K’Tan baby carrier. I liked that it was ready to wear and there wasn’t any wrapping/tying necessary like other wraps. It was especially handy once I had multiple kids and could have hands available to help my older kids.

My Thought: I used the Ergobaby and the Moby wrap for our kids, and this sounds very similar to the Moby Wrap. I think all new moms should go to the baby store and check out each of the baby carriers. Find the one that works for you, and get that. The K’Tan looks comfortable and super convenient.






Kay @ Mama in the Mix: Infantino Baby Carrier



My favorite and most used baby shower gift was my Infantino baby carrier. I used it every day for extended amounts of time. My son would sleep in it while I cleaned, cooked, went to do laundry. Pretty much anything you can think of. He loved it and I loved it. It’s been 1.5 years and it’s still going strong.

My Thought: Baby carriers are essential for busy moms. When you are trying to get something done and all your baby wants is to be held, baby carrier to the rescue! And, I mentioned before, our baby had colic and our baby carrier was one of the few places sleep would actually happen.






Dana @ Natural Earthly Mama: Moby Wrap



My favorite and most used baby shower gift was a Moby Wrap. I have used it with all 3 kids and it was a real lifesaver when I had a colicky/reflux newborn baby and a toddler to chase after! It has lasted and lasted! I even dug a trench in the pouring rain to stop the house flooding with a sleeping newborn in it!!

My Thought: Colic is awful! From a mom who has been there, it’s one of the worst things ever to be able to not console your baby. You are desperate for anything that will help your baby sleep. I have a Moby Wrap and used it a lot. Babies, especially newborns, usually like to be in the fetal position and this wrap is perfect for that. I also loved my Moby because I would wear the baby when we were out for the first few months to keep people from trying to touch our kids.








Baby Gear


Holly @ Learning Momma: Graco Pack N Play



I think one of my favorite and most used gifts was our pack n play! Our first daughter napped in it the first two months after she was born, and we used the changing pad feature on it as our downstairs changing station for months after that. We also used it whenever we traveled for her naps and overnight sleep!

My Thought: Get a good Pack N Play. I know it may seem expensive, but you will use it a lot. Our kids slept in the newborn napper part for a couple months, and then once they outgrew it, we moved them to the bassinet. As a nursing mom, having my baby safe, and right next to me at night was a sleep game changer. We also use our Pack N Play when we travel for a safe, familiar sleep environment for our kids.






Neha @ The Beautiful Mama: Pack N Play



My favorite baby shower gift is Pack n Play. Using it every time I am alone with my baby. It makes sure he is safe when I am doing some chores and he likes to play in it.

My Thought: Another vote for Pack n Play. Yes, they are seriously that awesome and you will get your money’s worth out of them. And, you can sell them when you’re finished and get some money back, especially if you bought one with all the bells and whistles.






Alison @ Crafting the Good Life: Pack N Play with Newborn Napper Station



Honestly, the pack and play with the newborn lounger/changing station! It was and still is the most used item! We got a lot of meaningful gifts but when it comes down to it, the things we use daily are my favorite!

My Thought: We used our Pack N Play napper station all over the house. I loved being able to move our baby wherever we were without waking the baby. I felt safe moving the baby because they were strapped into the seat. And the fact that it clicked right into the Pack N Play was great for storage. Ours also had a changing station on it with storage pouches that had just about everything we could need in them.






Monica @ Lucky Mojito: Baby Swing



After the Ergo and diapers, I would say a baby swing. It was the only way we could get a little break because our daughter was colicky. Helps baby relax and parents too.

My Thought: A baby swing is one of those things some people can get away without, and others will swear by the swing. We have done a bit of both. Swings are great because they provide constant motion and sound, which most babies like. You can g them relatively cheap without all the bells and whistles, or you can go all out!






Megan @ Megan Does Motherhood: Serta iComfort Premium Infant Napper



My most used baby shower gift was unexpectedly the Serta iComfort Premium Infant Napper. This napper kept baby angled which helped with reflux issues during infancy. It’s also very lightweight which made it convenient to move around the house and have our baby sit in it after feedings.

My Thought: I love gifts that are practical and convenient. Having something you can set your baby in that helps aid with digestion and reducing acid reflux is amazing. Every mom needs something like this! I did have a hard time finding one that I could actually order because it seems like they’ve discontinued this particular one. But, I wanted to include the original link so you knew what to look for.






Baby Blankets/Sheets

Alyssa @ Penlights to Pacifiers: Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets



My favorite gift is definitely Aden and Anais swaddle blankets. Something I never knew I needed but I loved with my son! Used them every single day. To lay him on for tummy time, as a nursing cover, as a swaddle. You name it, that blanket did it. Now it’s my favorite to give to other moms for showers too!

My Thought: I was given advice from a friend who told me to register for Aden and Anais blankets, and I am so glad! These blankets are great for so many things. They are huge, thin, and awesome for using as a nursing cover. I would tie two of the corners together and then throw the loop over my head. I loved how breathable they were, and they were also AMAZING for wrapping baby in a swaddle.





Trinity @ The Pay at Home Parent: Crib Sheets



One of my favorite gifts that I received was crib sheets. I registered for one set (possibly two) but one of the ladies gifted me a pack of sheets and told me “you’re going to need more than that!” Oh boy, was she right! Baby sheets in the middle of the night are a lifesaver!

My Thought: Kids puke, and they poop. It’s a fact of life. And indeed, this will happen in the middle of the night, when the last thing you want to do is try to figure out where your baby is going to sleep. Having an extra set (or two) of sheets is essential. I would also add to this that you’ll want to have a waterproof mattress cover because liquids go right through sheets.






Melissa @ Yoga Pants Every Day: Changing Pad Cover



Munchkin changing pad liners! If baby leaks you don’t have to wash the changing pad cover, just toss the liner in the dirties. Cheaper to buy multiples of, I had 6 to cycle through!

My Thought: Babies will leak their fluids all over. Puke and poop are inevitable. Making your life easier is a must and having several changing pad covers is awesome! Register for like 10 and hope to get 5 or so. PS, they make them waterproof as well.





Hayley @ Miss Manypennies: Baby Blankets



My absolute best and most used gift were some cute Muslin cloths. They’re so handy for spit-up, dribble, milk leaks, anything! We used them every day, and my daughter still takes one to bed as a comfort blanket at 4!

My Thought: We have so many different kinds of blankets. One of our kids even sleeps with 4 different blankets. Baby blankets are one of the most practical baby shower gifts you can give someone because they will be used.







Leisha @ The Homemade Sisters: Blanket for Car Seats



My favorite baby shower gift is from a company called baby bundle love at They sell blankets with cutouts for your car seat straps. With my first, I dropped so many blankets and in snowy winters that’s not fun. These blankets are seriously the best.

My Thought: I am not familiar with this product, but it looks like something all moms should investigate and see if it’s a good fit for you and your baby. Dropped blankets are no good, that’s for sure.








Survival Kits/ Gifts for Moms


Jana @ HedgeToad Cottage: “Middle of the Night” Survival Kit



My favorite gift is an “it always happens in the middle of the night pack”, with Boudreaux butt paste, gas drops, saline nose spray, boogie wipes, thermometer and nose bulb, infant Motrin and Tylenol… basically everything you need because it always starts at night!

My Thought: What a great idea! I love gifts that have a lot of thought that go into them, and this is one of them. It is indeed a fact that the craziest things that will happen to your baby will happen at night when you are half asleep. This is a fantastic idea to keep you from fumbling through the night looking for what you need.






McKayla @ Motivation for Mom: New Mom Survival Kit



My favorite baby shower gift is a “new mom survival kit.” Fill it with a cute water bottle, comfy socks, chapped stick, a photo album, literally anything you know that she would enjoy.

My Thought: Getting a baby shower gift for mom not baby is awesome! This has actually been my favorite go-to baby shower gift lately because it is one of my favorite things I was given. There is so much change happening and having one gift that is meant to help you feel better is a blessing!






Brandi @ The Cultured Baby: Fashionable Nursing Cover



Hands down, my stylish Chevron-striped nursing cover was the best shower gift I received. My nursing cover is soft, stylish, and also doubles as a burp cloth! Who says nursing covers must be matronly?

My Thought: If you are a nursing mom, you will need a nursing cover (or 2, or 6!). It is convenient to have nursing covers all over. Your bedroom, the nursery, the car, the diaper bag, at work, etc. Register for more than one kind because they are all different and it’s hard to know which one you’ll like best.






Sheena @ Laptops and Naptimes: Haakaa Manual Breast Pump



My Haakaa silicone milk collector breast pump. I received one of these for my third baby and it’s been amazing. Gentle on sore nipples and SUCH an amazing time saver! I wish I’d discovered it sooner.

My Thought: I have heard so much about these! I have a Spectra S1 breast pump and I never had the need for a manual breast pump, but hands down this is the most popular, and well-loved manual breast pump on the market. There are so many great things about this breast pump, that you need to check it out for yourself!







Lisa @ Cheerfully Simple (That’s Me!): Baby Milestones Calendar



There are so many great things here.

If I had to choose one gift, I am going to choose the one that’s going to be around the longest. For me, I would have to choose the Baby Milestones Calendar. Someone gave me this randomly because it was something they were given multiples of. I took it not knowing how much I would love it.

I love that I could QUICKLY write a note or two and have a record of everything related to the baby. There are really cute stickers you can use, and it guides you through month by month.






Frances @ Inspiring Life Dreams: Babysitting Coupons



My favorite baby shower gift was a set of babysitting coupons from my sister, who promised to mind my new baby whenever I needed a well-deserved break. Just knowing that I had that option to escape to the movies, for a walk or a massage whenever I needed a well-deserved break from my bub gave me such a sense of peace and relief in those early months when new mums are so often housebound and need a little push to get out.

My Thought: You will need babysitters! And what a thoughtful gift! Every momma will need a break from their baby at some point, whether you feed with formula or if you’re a nursing mom. Take advantage of the help people are willing to give you and use your coupons!







Books for Baby


Cy Cy @ SoCyCy: Books with Handwritten Notes



My favorite gifts from my baby shower were diapers, books, blankets, and my Graco Pack n’ Play. Diapers are always a plus. If each person brings a pack (hopefully of a different size) to the shower, it adds up.

I could never get enough blankets because my son had some digestive issues and spit up on EVERYTHING. The guests at my shower each brought books and wrote personal notes to my son. He can’t read yet, but I think he’ll enjoy that when he can. My Pack ‘n Play is so special when traveling or having a day in the park. Throw a crib sheet over it and bam! You have a shaded play or nap area.

My Thought: I love the idea of people bringing books with something written in them. I have a friend who asked people to bring a book with a handwritten note inside of it instead of a greeting card. What a fantastic, and sentimental idea!





Rosalinda @ What a Sweet Journey: Baby Books



My favorite was children’s books! We want to instill a love of reading in my son from the beginning, so many of our guests brought their favorite books. My absolute favorite was “That’s What Grandmothers Do”, recorded for my son by my mom.

My Thought: Books are a great gift for new moms. Start the baby years off right with a bookshelf full of books. And, recordable books are amazing. I recorded myself reading a book for our kids’ bedtime so that if mommy wasn’t there and daddy wasn’t doing it “right”, they could push a button and it was mommy reading the book to them.






Kayla @ Parenting Expert to Mom: Books for Baby



Books! Exploring books with my babies is something that I love to do! Soft squishy books are great for keeping little ones entertained and learning. You can never have too many books!

My Thought: Books for the win, again! Beginning to read to your baby at an early age is great for your baby’s development, but it’s also bonding time.





Lisa @ Graceful Abandon: Books for Kids



Books. Classic children’s books to read to my kids. I have always loved reading with my kids and start when they are babies.

My Thought: You can never have enough books! You can even buy books that are beyond the infant stage.







Food for the New Mom and Dad/ Visitors


Holly @ Holly B Baking: Restaurant Gift Cards

My favorite baby shower gift was gift cards to local restaurants that we could get carryout or delivery from! I didn’t realize until I had my daughter what an invaluable gift this was! My husband and I were way too overwhelmed and exhausted to cook and this helped to keep us fed for the first week or so while we got the hang of things!

My Thought: Gift cards are seriously one of the best gifts we were given. All the other things are absolutely necessary and 100% useful but having gift cards that let you buy the things you need is a game-changer. We were given a card full of restaurant gift cards from some friends who live out of town, and we were so grateful to have the option to not cook.






Danielle @ DIY Danielle: Homemade Meals



My favorite gift was when friends stopped by with meals after the baby was born. The shower itself was nice but having someone feed us and come coo over the baby was my favorite. I was recovering from a c section and having only my husband to talk to got lonely (he’s not a talker). In terms of an actual product, I loved the teething necklace I received and cloth diapers!

My Thought: FOOD! As a new mom, you need food. And, having food that you didn’t have to prepare is the best! We have been incredibly blessed when our kids were born. With each baby, we seriously had food brought to our house several times a week for 3-4 weeks. No joke, it was one of the greatest things people could have given us. We appreciated the food and the visits.







Baby Items You’ll Love

Alli @ Mom Smart Not Hard: Zutano Booties



One of my favorites was size 18-month Zutano booties. The way they are designed they don’t fall off baby’s feet like every other pair of shoes.

My Thought: I always like to give gifts that people don’t even know they need yet. This is one of those. When people think a baby shower, they think “baby”. But there are so many other things those kids are going to need. Zutano booties are great because they are designed to stay on your babies’ feet, and they are great for beginning walkers.




Chelsea @ The Bored Housewife: Nose Freida



There I sat at what felt like 10 years pregnant, waiting in the aisle at Babies R Us (RIP Babies R Us) trying to complete a registry. Half of which I didn’t understand when this woman approached me and said, “First time Mom? Get the Nose Frieda! You won’t regret it!” My first thought was obviously run away at the thought of sucking a booger straight from the source, but I decided to give it a try. To this day the Nose Frieda is by far the best shower gift you can get someone! You may not use it every day but when you need it, it gets the job done!

My Thought: So, it’s funny someone mentioned this with my exact same sentiment. The thought of literally sucking the booger out of my kid’s nose grosses me out. But, I have friends who swear by them, and in a moment of desperation, I will have to join the Nose Freida pack.






Elizabeth @ Abundant Full Life: Baby Essentials Gift



My favorite baby shower gift was my diaper bag filled with diaper bag essentials like a wipe carrier, hand sanitizer, travel toys, extra onesies, bottle, nursing cover.

My Thought: I love the idea of “essential baby items” gift. Every mom will need these things, and you can seriously never have enough! Practical is perfect.






Toni @ Becoming Schultz: Bows for Baby Girls



My favorite baby shower gift is one that was homemade. My sisters and mom worked together and made a hanger for hair bows. It is an old window frame with chicken wire and they loaded it with bows.

My Thought: If you are having a girl, there will be bows. Lots and lots of bows. Without a doubt, you will need some place to store those bows, and a hanger for the closet or behind your bathroom door is perfect!






Carly @ Mommy on Purpose: Fat Brain Toys Tobbles Neo

We got a set of these (Fat Brain Toys Tobbles Neo) and LOVE them.

My Thought: I had to look these up, but they look like so much fun. Kids need toys that are developmentally appropriate for them, and these will be great for kids of all ages. They are large, easy to grasp, colorful, and have different textures. All of these things are great for your baby’s development. And they look like a lot of fun too!





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Baby Shower Gifts for New Moms

So many great ideas here! Without a doubt, these mommas know what they are talking about. They have been there, done that, and have some great stories to go along with their most useful baby shower gifts.


What ONE baby item has been your most used or most favorite baby shower gift?


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blessings to you, Lisa








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