The Best Baby Memory Book and Calendar

If you’re getting ready to have a baby, you’re probably dreaming about holding your sweet baby, giving them their first bath, and watching them grow.



But let me tell you, they grow up fast! I’m sure you’ve had people tell you that, but until you have your own kids, you really have no concept of how quickly time flies by.



One thing I did that I am so grateful to have for each of my kids is a baby memory book.



When I was searching for the best baby memory book, I wanted one that would allow me to record all of the important baby milestones, as well as one that matched our style.



We didn’t find out the gender of our kids because we wanted that great surprise. This played a part in the baby memory book we ultimately decided on because it was a gender-neutral baby memory book.



A baby memory book is a great way to preserve your child’s memories and share them with the people that matter most. There are many different types of baby books out there, and it can be difficult to decide which one would work best for you. 



As an added bonus at the end, I am going to share my favorite baby first-year calendars as well, because I know baby milestone books aren’t for everyone. Some people want something that is super quick and easy to jot down a note or two of importance and move on. I get it!



These are the best baby memory books and calendars, as well as the features of each type of book so you choose the right baby book for you!





picture of a My Baby Book keepsake baby book, and a hello world! baby milestones calendar



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The Best Baby Memory Books

My Baby Book: A Keepsake Journal for Baby’s First Year

picture of a My Baby Book baby milestones and keepsake baby book; includes a link to purchase on amazon 

Amy Krouse Rosenthal makes some amazing products! I was gifted The Belly Book, My Baby Book, and Your Birthday Book as baby shower gifts. Each one has served an amazing purpose.



Each of these books documents an important part of your baby’s life. From conception, through their 18th birthday, you can document each event, and save important momentos your kids will enjoy looking at as they get older. 



If you enjoy documenting each thing as you go, this baby memory book is the best baby memory book for you. You’ll document each season, most important holidays, every “first” for your baby, document your family tree and so much more!



You would also love the entire series and as I mentioned before I LOVED getting this set as a baby shower gift, with personal notes written in each.



I love that I was able to be more in-depth with what I wanted to share so that my kids can really “feel” like they were there for each event.








C.R. Gibson First 5 Years Memory Book

picture of the C.R. Gibson milestones memory baby book with an elephant holding a balloon on the front; includes a link to purchase on amazon 

As a parent, I have come to LOVE C.R. Gibson products because they are awesome! They offer variety, yet in a simplistic way.



I would love to spend hours working on a beautiful scrapbook that my children will cherish for years to come, but the reality is, I just don’t have that kind of time.



C.R. Gibson makes beautiful products, like this hello world! memory book, that allows me to feel like I am creating something my kids will be able to look at years down the road and have all the important events from their lives documented.



Much like several of the other books mentioned here, this one allows you to document important life events for the first 5 years of your little one’s life. I like that each month has a simple milestone page for you to fill in as you want.



There are a variety of baby books to choose from both gender-specific and gender-neutral. This baby memory book has 65 pages for you to document your sweet baby!








As You Grow: A Modern Memory Book for Baby

picture of the cover of the AS YOU GROW modern baby memory book; includes a link to purchase on amazon 

This gender-neutral baby memory book, which is something that is super important for many parents who wish to not find out the gender of their baby until birth.  If you’re looking for something to document your baby’s life from conception until year 5, this is a great choice for you.



You’ll have special places to document many of the baby’s first milestones. Things like baby’s first step, first tooth, and of course, baby’s first birthday.



There are places you can journal and write notes to your little one such as songs they like to have sung to them or even how they like to be put to sleep.



You can also store precious keepsakes in pockets inside the book- think of things like a hospital bracelet, birth announcement, etc.








First-Year Baby Memory Book + Baby Journal

picture of the All about me first year baby memory book with a woodlands bear on the front cover; includes a link to purchase on amazon 

The Woodland theme seems to be super popular right now, and this woodland baby memory book is absolutely adorable and right on theme.



Beginning with baby’s birth, you’ll have places in this baby memory book to record some of your baby’s biggest moments, as well as continue to document your little one’s life until age 5.



You’ll never have to think, “Now what did we do for your birthday when you turned 3?”, because there will be a place where you wrote it down, shared special thoughts, and stored pictures that retell that day for years to come.



This book is inclusive of all family styles which I know is super important for many.









Ronica First-Year Baby Memory Book + Baby Journal

picture of the "our little ones first years" baby milestone book with colorful lettering and flowers and a giraffe on the front; includes a link to purchase on amazon 

It doesn’t matter if you know the gender of your baby or not with this first-year baby memory book because there is one for everyone. You can purchase gender-specific books for a boy or girl, or the gender-neutral baby book if you’re unsure.



You’ll find places for each of your baby’s first holidays, a birth announcement, as well as each great milestone between the ages of 1 and 5.



One unique feature of this baby memory book is that there is a place to document things like world events, current President, costs of popular items, etc.



Another great bonus with this book is that there are monthly milestone pictures you can use to take pictures of your little one, which can save your family some money if you had intended to buy those anyway.








Pearhead First Five Year Memory Book

I wish they provided a picture, but you’ll just have to click the link and see it for yourself! It has a lovely chevron pattern with a place to put your baby’s footprint, as well as a picture of your choosing.



One of the first things you’ll be able to do with this baby memory book is to use the provided ink pad to put your baby’s footprint on the front cover of the book.



You can record information about your baby shower, your baby’s birth, important things you want to remember, and of course all of the baby’s finest moments. It is gender-neutral which is a plus, and it is a great baby gift to add to your baby registry.



Pearhead is a brand that I have come to love! They offer great products to new parents, my absolute favorite being their Baby Handprint/ Footprint Ornament Kit. Their products have provided us with a chance to capture moments that speed by quickly, without a large expense. And, their customer service is awesome if you need help.










Baby Milestone Calendars

C.R. Gibson Baby’s First Year Calendar

picture of C.R. Gibson's hello world! baby's first year keepsake calendar with an elephant, squirrel and giraffe on the front; includes a link to purchase on amazon 

Without a doubt, this baby milestone calendar is one of my favorite baby memory keepsakes I have. Each of my children has one, and each has a different one.



I love that the products offer great quality and value when it comes to documenting each milestone. I am a visual person and I like being able to see when each of our kids did each thing.



The calendars come with stickers, as well as a place to record your baby’s first birthday. At the top of each calendar page, you’ll find space to write about what your baby is doing, what they like, their measurements, and what they don’t like.



Seriously, if you want to record important events, but need to be quick and efficient, this is for you!








My Life as a Baby: A First-Year Calendar

picture of the cover of the "my life as a baby" first year milestone calendar with woodland creatures on the cover; includes a link to purchase on amazon 

If you are a woodland fan, you’re going to LOVE this first-year baby calendar! This calendar is gender-neutral making it a great gift for any new mom. The scenes are colorful and well-illustrated.



You’ll find plenty of stickers to use throughout the calendar marking specific important events and milestones. The calendar begins at the baby’s birth month and has pages to document each month through the baby’s first birthday.







Pearhhead Baby Calendar

As I mentioned before, I really like the Pearhead brand, and lucky for us, they make an adorable baby milestone calendar for your baby’s first year!


Each month, you’ll get to fill in their height, weight, sleeping patterns, things your baby likes, and of course the things they don’t like. It’s a super easy baby calendar to keep up with!





I am sure you have found the best baby memory book that is going to be cherished for years to come! And maybe even a baby memory calendar to keep right alongside it.



We have kept both for each of our kids, and I enjoy sitting down and remembering all of the special moments in their lives, and comparing when each one hit the different milestones.



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blessings to you, Lisa post sign off





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  • Love this. I wish I could start over with my babies baby books. It seems the more babies I had, the lazier I got ugh. Such precious memories as they grow up so fast. My girls are no 15, 12, & 9. =(

    • It is indeed one of the greatest treasures I have as a mom. I love to look back and see how they changed each month, and with each of my kids, it’s been nice to have something to compare to as far as when I did things.

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