Natural Diaper Rash Remedies

As a mom, your baby has probably had a diaper rash.



It’s miserable for both you and your ailing baby. And, chances are, you’ve turned to the cabinet and grabbed a diaper cream or baby powder.




But, what if there were other natural diaper rash remedies within an arm’s reach… in your kitchen?




Yes, in your kitchen. If you’ve tried several diaper rash remedies before without any luck, it may be time to take a trip into your kitchen cabinets.




Although a bit unconventional, cornstarch for diaper rash is a treatment that has been around for ages. Long before chemists began mixing chemicals to create creams and baby powder for diaper rash, people would use cornstarch for diaper rash. It is used in the same way as baby powder. You just sprinkle a bit on at each diaper change, and you’ll begin to see your baby’s diaper rash improving.





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WHAT IF there is even another ingredient in your kitchen that will give you another option for severe diaper rash treatment?




When our oldest was a baby, we experienced a case of severe diaper rash. I called my mom, explained to her what I had tried, and asked if she had any other things I should try before giving the doctor a call.




Her advice?




Take some all-purpose flour, put it in a skillet, and brown it. Let it cool down and put that on the baby’s bottom.








So, I did what any good mom would do, and I tried it. And wouldn’t you know… it worked! And quickly. Like seriously, there was not much diaper rash left after 24 hours of putting flour in the diaper after every diaper change.




Here’s what I will add. I’ve used this several times for diaper rash, but I have changed things up as my mom knowledge has grown. I love coconut oil. I use it as a moisturizer and now, as a diaper cream. I have mentioned before that I like Young Living Essential Oils. I think everyone needs to do their own research before using them, and obviously, I’m not a doctor giving medical advice. (That’s my medical disclaimer!)



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Here’s My Favorite Remedy Mix


I have really come to like Zarbee’s Baby Bottom Balm.  It is really smooth and gentle on the baby’s bottom. I smear a bit of that on the baby’s bottom, sprinkle on some browned flour, and let the magic happen.

picture of a bottle of zarbee's daily baby bottom balm; includes an amazon link to purchase 



Seriously, it is crazy how awesome this works. And, it does make sense that kitchen things work. Before we had chemists, who created all of these products we buy in the store, they used the items they had in their homes. And, usually, that meant going into the kitchen and creating something.



Flour, a powder, and even cornstarch were logical choices because they were in the powder form and would help keep the bottom dry so that it could heal. Little did they know, they were way ahead of their times.






This combination has become my favorite raw diaper rash treatment. It has become my very own diaper rash powder, and my favorite go-to natural diaper rash remedy. I love that I have another option other than chemicals to help heal my baby’s bottom.




What about you? Do you have some crazy remedies that you’ve used to help heal your baby? Have you tried flour or cornstarch and had it work for you? I want to hear your stories!



blessings to you, Lisa







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