The Best Outdoor Toys for Kids by Age Group

Most kids LOVE to play outside. 


But, maybe your kids don’t. Maybe they’d rather be inside playing on the iPad, watching TV, or just sitting.


I am a firm believer that kids will play outside if you provide them with fun outdoor toys they actually want to play with that are age-appropriate.


For my kids, we try to buy the things we can second-hand, but also realize that some outdoor toys for kids just need to be purchased new.


I quickly want to share some of the benefits kids gain by playing outside, and then we will get right into some of the best outdoor toys for kids!



Benefits of Kids Playing Outside

There are some really amazing benefits to kids playing outside. But sometimes, they need a little motivation, which is why having a wide variety of outdoor kids’ toys is important. Here are some BIG health benefits to kids playing outside.

Proprioceptive Input

Proprioceptive input is basically our body’s ability to understand and know where our body is in space, as well as process the world through touch and muscle interaction. Playing with outdoor toys is a great way for your body to strengthen its proprioceptive input, as kids will be using a variety of senses to interact with the world around them.



Vestibular Sense

Alright, on to the benefits outdoor play has for kids’ vestibular input. The vestibular system is your sensory processing system that contributes to your body’s ability to balance and coordinate movement.



Keeping Kids Active

And, most importantly, kids playing with outdoor toys help to keep them active. Playing outside helps to reduce the risk of childhood obesity because outdoor active play burns more calories. It also will often keep them in the sun which will help to keep their vitamin D level elevated. There are so MANY health benefits for kids who spend time playing outside on a daily basis.





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Outdoor Toys for Ages 2-5

The first toys I want to share with you are outdoor toys for preschoolers. This list of toys is carefully chosen with young children in mind.  I chose toys that my kids have loved as well as some toys that are designed specifically with kid’s developmental needs in mind!



Bunch o Balloons

Water balloons make a great addition to any time playing outside! These water balloons are super easy to fill up.





Little Tikes Toy Sports T-Ball Set

This Little Tikes T-ball set is great for little learners. It is a great way for kids to practice their hand-eye coordination.




Simplay3 Young Explorers Adventure Climber

One of the things I love most about this kids adventure station is that it can be used indoors and outdoors. This means, if you have space inside, you can wash it off and bring it inside during the colder months.




Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse

There are so many options available to outdoor playhouses for kids. This is just one example. If you click through the link, you’ll be able to see many other outdoor playhouse options!




Lydaz Bubble Mower

Another popular outdoor toy for kids is this bubble mower. They don’t make the exact one we have, but this is pretty much the same thing. Kids love to walk around the yard “mowing” the yard, blowing bubbles all the while.




Inflatable Rolling Wheel

I want one of these for myself! Doesn’t this look like so much fun? Kids will have a blast playing outside with this rolling wheel.




Garden Tool Set

We have a garden every year and our kids LOVE to help. What better way to get your kids involved in gardening than to give them their own outdoor garden set.




Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle

Another outdoor toy our kids love to play with is bikes. This is the Classic Radio Flyer Tricycle. Maybe you even had one when you were a kid?




Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster

This kids roller coaster has been one of the kids’ absolute favorite outdoor toys! And it’s easy to take it apart and put it back together, so we take it with us when we go camping!


Green Toys Outdoor Wagon

Every kid enjoys pulling around a little wagon of their own. Add one of these kids outdoor wagons to your outdoor toy collection!




Kids Sandbox

Our kids love to play in the sandbox. But, I don’t like it when animals use it as their little box, which is why I LOVE that this sandbox transitions the seats to a lid for easy closure that can even be done by your kids. An added bonus- sand is super cheap!





Plasma Car

The idea behind this plasma car is super simple. All kids have to do to make the car move is swivel the handle back and forth. I also love that it is plastic, which means it’s easy to wash off with the hose.




Sand & Water Table

If your kids enjoy playing in the bathtub, get them a sand and water table. One half of the table turns into a mini sandbox, and the other half of the table turns into a mini bathtub. Buy a pack of plastic animal figures and they will have fun for hours!







Kids Ride On Car

Oh my goodness! I had one of these as a kid and my kids have one now. I felt super cool cruising around in my Power Wheel. This kids ride-on car  isn’t terribly expensive and they’re super easy to charge.






Balance Stepping Stones

This is a great age for kids to be practicing balancing. I love these stepping stones because they’re a variety of different shapes and sizes.






Big Scoop Dump Truck

Have you ever noticed how much kids love to dig? Dirt, sand, you name it, they’ll dig it up. This John Deer Dump Truck is a great addition to anyone’s set of outdoor toys for kids.







Sidewalk Chalk

We LOVE sidewalk chalk at our house. Much like bubbles, we play chalk just about every day we can be outside playing.







Balance Bike

If your kids want to learn how to ride a bike, a Balance Bike is a great place to start. If you notice, there aren’t any pedals. This is because the primary goal of a balance bike is to teach kids how to simply balance the bike. Once they’ve mastered that, you can move on to a bike with pedals. 













Outdoor Toys Ages 6-9

I wanted to include some of my favorite toys outdoor toys for school-aged kids. There are so many great toys kids love to play with while outside with their friends. Some are even great for independent play as well. The awesome part about many of these outdoor toys is that they are pretty durable and can usually be used for several kids.



gofindit Outdoor scavenger hunt game

I don’t know why, but I have found that my kids love to go on little “missions” I create. I love that this outdoor scavenger hunt game gives you those “missions”.




Little Experimenter Telescope

We look at the stars a lot. One great way to get your kids involved in looking at the start is with a kid’s beginner’s telescope. Nothing too complicated here, just teaching your kids the basics about our solar system.




Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

Did you ever have a pogo stick or moon shoes? This Foam Pogo Jumper is the same idea, and perfect for little jumpers. Don’t worry, it comes in other colors too!




Stomp Rocket

Watch them fly! Your kids will have a blast stomping on the rocket launcher and watching the rockets soar to the sky!




Hula Hoop

I personally think every kid should have a hula hoop. Even if they don’t actually learn to hula hoop, I feel like there are endless possibilities you can do with a hula hoop!




Banzai Bump n’ Bounce Body Bumpers

If you have more than one kid, or if your kiddo often has friends over, they’ll have a blast playing with these body bumpers. Think- SUMO WRESTLING!




Max Liquidator Water Blaster Set

Your kids may not like a sprinkler, but I bet they’ll love these water blasters. All you need is a bucket of water, and your kids will be busy for a while!




Skywalker 15 FT Trampoline

The great thing about an outdoor trampoline is that it can be used year-round. Make sure you take safety into consideration when finding the right outdoor trampoline for your kids!




Inflatable Water Slide Play Place

This looks like so much fun! I think every kid would have a blast playing on this outdoor water play place!




Wonderview Tree Swing

We have the medium version of this tree swing. It is rated REALLY high, and that’s because it’s a lot of fun, not only for the kids but also for us. I also love that I can swing with my kids.




EzyRoller Ride On Sitting Scooter

These things are super popular right now. The basic idea of the sitting scooter is that kids move their feet back and forth and the scooter moves. This is great exercise and they don’t even realize it because they’re having fun.




Giant Outdoor Connect 4 Game

If you have kids in your house who love to play games, this Outdoor Connect 4 game is a must!












Outdoor Toys Ages 10-13

As kids get older, their need for different kinds of outdoor toys is obviously going to change. Many of the toys here can be used well into the teenage years, and some can be used for kids younger than 10. This list is here to give you an idea of some outdoor toys older kids enjoy!



Micro Kickboard Sprite Scooter

All of our kids have loved playing on scooters. They like that it’s not a bike but they can still get around on the scooter. The handlebar adjusts up and down, so the scooter will grow with your kiddo.




Himal Portable PVC- Framed Cornhole Game

The great thing about this PVC Corn Hole Game is that it travels easily. This is a great outdoor game for kids that would be great to have at home and then pack up and take camping for the weekend.




Water Balloon Slingshot

I personally think you need two of these and it needs to be a competition. This water balloon slingshot is a great outdoor toy for older kids who want to have a water balloon launching competition with their friends.

amazon link to purchase a water balloon slingshot 



Liberty Imports Deluxe Kids Archery Set

This archery set is great for kids who want to learn about how archery works. It comes with everything you need to get started.




Portable Ninja Slackline Monkey Bar & Ladder Kit

We love to watch ninja shows, and my kids especially love to watch other kids go through ninja competitions. This is a great ninja starter kit for your backyard to get your little ninja moving!




Giant Tumbling Timber Toy Set

I won’t name the popular stacking game you likely know of because this set is actually cheaper and higher rated. But, this outdoor wood stacking strategy game is not only fun for kids, but adults alike!




Lawn Darts Game

I love any kind of outdoor lawn game because most of them are portable. This outdoor lawn darts game for kids is super easy to play and can also be played by adults as well!




Laser Tag

I honestly never thought about playing laser tag outdoors, because where I’m from it has always been played inside. But, I think outdoor laser tag sounds like a lot of fun. Just make sure you’ve picked up all the dog poop!




There are so many great outdoor toys for kids that I have to believe there is something on this list that will interest your kids. If you find a different outdoor toy you think I should add, please let me know so I can add it for someone else to find!




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