The Ultimate Gift Guide for Toddlers

The dreaded question of, “What gift should I buy my toddler?”



Or maybe it’s Christmastime and you’re wondering what, “What kind of gifts do toddlers like?”



Looking for the perfect gift for a toddler? Look no further! I am going to give you an amazing gift guide for toddlers.



From toys to clothes to books, I’ve got you covered! So whether you are looking for a birthday present or just want to treat your little one, read on for the best gift ideas!




The best gifts for toddlers are typically toys that promote learning and development. Some great examples include puzzles, building blocks, and dolls. These types of toys help to stimulate the toddler’s brain and encourage creativity and imagination.




If you are looking for something a little more educational, consider choosing a gift that promotes counting or letter recognition. There are many great educational toys for toddlers on the market these days, so there is sure to be something perfect gift for your toddler.




Clothing is another popular gift for toddlers. Most toddlers love wearing new clothes, and there are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing fun and stylish outfits. 




Books are always a great gift for toddlers, and there are so many different types of books to choose from. Board books are perfect for younger toddlers. 




Finally, don’t forget about the importance of giving your toddler a special gift just for them. One of the best gifts for a toddler is experience gifts or gifts that involve you taking them somewhere to do something.



Now that you have some ideas in your head, let’s take a look at my gift guide for toddlers.



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Toddler Must-Have Indoor Toys


Doodle Board

This CHUCHIK Magnetic Board is one of the more recent gifts we bought for our toddler. It is one of the creative gifts I remember playing with as a kid. I loved playing with the magnets and seeing if I could get every single part of the magnetic board to be black. Recommended for kids age 3 and older.









Cabbage Patch Baby Doll

Most little girls LOVE their baby dolls. Every baby doll is different and does different things and chances are, there are never enough. I can seriously still remember the smell of my Cabbage Patch Doll. Recommended for kids age 1 and older.

 amazon link to purchase a cabbage patch baby doll for toddlers








Tool Set for Toddlers

Perfect for boys (and girls!), this Play Toy Toolset is perfect for the little learner who wants to join along in the rough and tough fun of tools. Recommended for kids age 2 and older.








Magnetic Building Blocks

Building blocks were always cool for me, but building blocks with magnets are even cooler. Even though Magnatiles is the big name associated with this type of toy, we have the Picasso Tiles brand tiles, and our kids LOVE THEM! Not to mention, they’re less than half the price!


These are one of the most useful gifts for toddlers because they will get used all the time! And, if you’re Christmas shopping, this is one of the best Christmas gifts for families with toddlers! Recommended for kids age 3 and older.








Toy Dinosaurs

I may be a girl, but we still had toy dinosaurs when I was growing up. This 3 Bees & Me Toy Dinosaur Set combines the best of both worlds- dinosaurs and cars! Recommended for kids age 3 and older.








Building Blocks

I want to share three different building block options, and yes, we have all 3.  The first is the Melissa and Doug Building Construction Blocks. Recommended for kids age 2 and older. They’re large and easier for smaller kids to pick up and move one at a time. They’re also incredibly light.

amazon link to purchase the melissa and doug thick cardboard jumbo blocks set 

The second is the Mega Blocks Big Blocks set. Recommended for kids age 1 and older. These are bright-colored, easy to connect and disconnect and fun to build with because they stay together.

amazon link to purchase the mega bloks lets go learning blocks set for toddlers 


The last set you should check out is the Melissa and Doug Wooden Block set. These are likely the traditional building block set you had as a kid. Recommended for kids age 3 and older.


 amazon link to purchase the melissa and doug wooden block building set








I LOVE the cars that you pull back and watch them go! Better yet when you can buy an entire set of Construction Vehicles Pull Back Toy Cars! I love that you get a variety of trucks and construction vehicles and for pretty cheap! Recommended for kids age 3 and older.

amazon link to purchase pull back construction vehicles for toddlers 


If you’re looking for something a little larger car that toddlers can push, you’d want to go with the Woby Push and Go Friction Powered Toy Cars. Recommended for kids age 18 months and older.








Dress Up Clothes

Toddlers love to dress up to be things they want to be. This DC Superhero Girls Dress Up Truck is perfect for the little superhero in your life. 

 amazon link to purchase a set of dc super hero outfits

The princess who loves to act like royalty will love this Princess Costume.

amazon link to purchase a princess dress up set for toddlers 


And then for the adventurous spirit, check out this Dress Up Truck Kit for the explorer, vet or scientist in your life.

amazon link to purchase an explorer dress up set for kids 









I am incredibly grateful that our kids LOVE puzzles. They will sit down with a stack of puzzles and do every single one. Some puzzles have knobs that are great for the littlest learners, and some are chunky pieces that are easy for a toddler to grab. The Melissa and Doug Classic Peg Puzzles are great for kids who are able to pick up tiny things. This puzzle set is a great started puzzle set for kids.

amazon link to purchase the melissa and doug classic wooden puzzle set for toddlers 

The Melissa and Doug Jumbo Farm Knob Puzzle is great for tiny hands that aren’t able to grasp tiny things yet. The knobs are large enough for toddlers to handle, makes this a great starter puzzle for kids.

amazon link to purchase the melissa and doug large wooden knob farm puzzle for toddlers 









LeapFrog Magnet Bus

Our kids were given this LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set, and it has been a favorite. Each letter has a catchy little song with the letter name and sound that the machine plays when the letter is placed on the bus and pushed. It also sings the complete alphabet. It is a FANTASTIC gift for any toddler to learn their alphabet. This is one of my favorite toddler educational toys on the market. Recommended for kids age 2 and older.







I’m really not sure what childhood would be like without Play-Doh. Our kids love to play with this stuff, and every so often we add to the toy collection. We started with the Play-Doh Shape and Learn Letters and Language set and our kids LOVED IT! It’s an excellent way for kids to learn their letters.

amazon link to purchase the play doh shape and learn letters set 


Recently we have added the 2 0z Play-Doh Cans.  Kids can do whatever they want with the play-doh, except eat it of course. 

 amazon link to purchase a 10 count pack of 2 oz jars of play doh








Baking Tools

Check out this adorable JaxoJoy Complete Kids Cooking and Baking Set! How adorable is this for the little baker in your life!

 amazon link to purchase a kids dress up baking set with cooking tools and a cook book


Then, take this gift to the next step with this Melissa and Doug Baking Play Set! Recommended for kids age 3 and older.

amazon link to purchase a melissa and doug baking set for kids 






Scribble Scrubbies

Scribble Scrubbies are great for a toddler who loves to doodle. They are these cute little creatures that you write on with markers. The great part is that you can wash them and your toddler can write on them all over again. Recommended for kids age 3 and older.

amazon link to purchase a set of scribble scrubbies washable pets for kids 












Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

For this toddler gift guide I’ve included my favorite outdoor toys for toddlers, but if you’re looking for something else, I have an entire post dedicated to outdoor toys for kids!



Every toddler I have ever met LOVES bubbles. We have Bubble Wands, Bubble Tubs, if we had one, I can guarantee our kids would love this Dolphin Bubble Machine. Recommended for kids age 3 and older.

amazon link to purchase a dolphin bubble machine 





Little Tikes Car

Every toddler will love a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe! They’re great from walking age through the preschool years! I will say this- make sure you give yourself enough time to put this together if you’re going to give it as a surprise gift. It takes a while to put together. Recommended for kids age 18 months and older.






Big Wheels

Keeping with the car theme let’s look at the Radio Flyer Deluxe Big Flyer. When your toddler can reach the pedals, they’ll have a blast rolling around on their big wheel.

amazon link to purchase the radio flyer deluxe big wheel for kids 








Golf Set

If mommy or daddy golf, chances are you have a toddler who wants to golf just like them! Even though we don’t have any avid golfers in our house, if we did, this ToyVelt Kids Golf Club Set would be my go-to. It’s colorful, has several golf balls and clubs, and I think any kid would love it! Recommended for kids age 3 and older.







Picnic Table

One of my favorite toys for toddlers is the Step 2 Picnic Table. We had one of these growing up and we now have one for our own kids. The one thing I like about this is the shade the umbrella provides to give your kids a break from the sun. Recommended for kids age 2 and older.

amazon link to purchase the step 2 plastic picnic table for kids with umbrella







Balance Bike

A super popular gift for toddlers is the balance bike. It is a great way for toddlers to learn how to ride a bike and maintain their balance. What a fun toddler gift! And yes, they have other colors! Recommended for kids age 18 months and older.

amazon link to purchase a strider kids balance bike for toddlers 






Razor Junior Lil Kick Scooter

How fun is this Razor Junior Lil Kick Scooter! Can you imagine your kiddo on this beginning scooter for toddlers? This particular one is recommended for kids 3 and older.

 amazon link to purchase the razor jr kick scooter






Toddler Roller Coaster

One of my kids’ favorite outdoor toddler toys is the ride-on roller coaster. THEY LOVE IT! You can also use it indoors if you have enough room. We have even taken it with us when we’ve traveled for vacation. Recommended for kids age 2 and older.

amazon link to purchase the step 2 roller coaster for kids








Non-Toy Toddler Gifts


One of toddlers favorite activities is to fidget. We gave our kids buckles to play with, and they loved them. This BuckleToy Buddy Backback is perfect for the toddler who loves to fidget. It teaches hand-eye coordination, kids learn their colors, and it can be used as a backpack. Recommended for kids age 2 and older.


My First Touch and Feel Picture Cards are great for the little learner. You can work on things like colors, how things feel, as well as first words. Recommended for kids age 1 and older.


Having a Wooden Activity Cube is a must for any toddler. We actually had two different wooden cubes because they were different and the kids loved them. Recommended for kids age 1 and older.

           amazon link to purchase the battat wooden activity center for toddlers







I have two recommendations for music with kids. The first is to get the Melissa and Doug Band in a Box. It is FUN! We play with our kids and create our own little band. It may sound terrible, but our kids have learned the instrument names and know their sounds. Recommended for kids age 3 and older.

The second instrument for toddlers is to get a guitar. We have the WEY & FLY Guitar for Kids. It’s simple, easy to adjust the strings, and teaches kids the basics of an instrument. Recommended for kids age 3 and older.

 amazon link to purchase a plastic guitar for toddlers






What to Wear

I am a deal finder. But sometimes, that isn’t possible and you need cute and functional toddler clothes. One of my favorite go-to clothing brands for toddlers is Simple Joys by Carter’s. Carter’s has a great reputation for creating quality kids clothes at reasonable prices. Some of my favorites are Simple Joys by Carter’s Long Sleeve and Pants Sets, Simple Joys by Carter’s Footed Pajamas Set, and Simple Joy’s by Carter’s Long Sleeve Set






Art Activities for Toddlers

Our kids love to doodle and do crafts. As a parent, give me all the crafting stuff over the television any day! That’s why I love this Button Art Activity Set.  The button art is fantastic for learning colors and working on hand-eye coordination. Recommended for kids age 18 months and older.

amazon link to purchase a button art set for toddlers 


Melissa and Doug make fantastic products like these craft kits, and there are all sorts of different crafts for kids, even birdhouses to build and decorate. (side note: Melissa and Doug have made a lot of money from us. I wish we were friends with them.) Recommended for kids age 4 and older. 

amazon link to purchase melissa and doug craft sets for kids 


And lastly, check out this awesome Flip & Doodle Desk! I wish they made this in an adult size. This flip and doodle desk is one of the most useful gifts for toddlers and is a great place for them to draw and do crafts while offering storage right on the unit. Recommended for kids age 4 and older.

 amazon link to purchase the step 2 flip and doodle desk for toddlers







I know there are a lot of “things” in this gift guide for toddlers, but going places with my kids is one of my favorite things. Every year our kids receive a membership to the closest zoo. It allows us to give our kids an experience time and time again and the kids love it! Think of things like nature centers, aquariums, museums, water parks, amusement parks, etc. Memberships are a fantastic gift for a toddler who wants to learn and explore.







Gift Boxes

Did you know there are monthly gift box subscriptions for kids? Well, there are, and they’re pretty amazing! If you have a child who likes nature or likes to tinker with things, or enjoys building things, there is one for all of them. I won’t go into a TON of detail in this post, but check out my other post about all of the Monthly Gift Box Subscriptions and you’ll find the perfect toddler gift.








One of the best things anyone can do for a child is read to them daily. It is the top influencer on how early and how well a child will read and fluently speak. Not the perfect parent by far, but we read to our kids a LOT, which means we have lots of books and visit the library often. I could seriously go on for DAYS about my favorite toddler books, but I will share my top 3.


This gift guide for toddlers wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t share some of my favorite books. The first is Giraffes Can’t Dance, and it teaches kids to not give up because others tell them they can’t do something. Little Blue Truck is amazing and teaches kids to be kind even when others don’t deserve it. And lastly, The Wonderful Things You Will Be teaches kids that they will do amazing things! Also, check out the best Christmas Books for Kids! These are the BEST interactive books for kids by age group!








Every toddler I have EVER met loves you to move. I remember growing up and jumping on our trampoline like this as a kid, and our kids have one now. Recommended for kids age 3 and older.

amazon link to purchase a little tikes trampline for toddlers 


We didn’t have anything fancy like these Tumbling Blocks, but we did have a tumbling mat right next to our trampoline. Recommended for kids age 9 months and older.

amazon link to purchase a set of soft tumbling blocks for toddlers 


And one thing we have down in our kids’ play area is this set of Interlocking Letter and Number Foam Tiles

amazon link to purchase a set of interlocking foam letter tiles 


This ball pit and jungle gym will keep your toddler occupied for a while! There are endless possibilities when your toddler uses their imagination while playing in this fun jungle gym. Recommended for kids age 1 and older.







Bath Supplies

Any gift guide for toddlers needs some fun bath toys. This Magnetic Boat Set is a win in our house because they float well, they’re magnetic and colorful and numbered. Recommended for kids age 2 and older.

amazon link to purchase a set of plastic bath boats with numbers 


Every kid, boy, and girl alike can use the practice of hand-eye coordination with a Basketball Hoop and Ball Bath Set. Recommended for kids age 1 and older.

amazon link to purchase a bathtub basketball hoop with basketballs 


And lastly, every kid can benefit from a Bathtub Alphabet Set. Recommended for kids age 3 and older.
amazon link to purchase a set of foam bathtub letter toys for toddlers








One of my favorite gifts to give and receive even as an adult is a gift of doing something. Things like going to the ballet or a concert, taking a class, visiting a museum, tickets to an amusement park, sports lessons, or even a book subscription. All of these gifts will create memories for your toddler they’ll never forget. And, a trip is one of the best gifts for toddlers who have everything.






Take a Trip

When you gift a trip to a child, it doesn’t have to be a Disney trip which is the first to come to mind for most people. In my mind, a trip can be a big vacation, but it can also be something you don’t normally get to do. I like to think of things within about a two-hour drive that would be new and exciting for our kids.


It doesn’t have to be expensive, or even an overnight stay (although I think those are more fun and less stressful). I think if you can be creative, this will be one of the most unique gifts for toddlers because it was planned by you!






Give a Pet

I saved this one for last because it might need to be discussed with parents first. If you are the parent, yay you! A pet allows a child to learn responsibility and have a companion. If you aren’t up for something like a dog or cat, think of something simple like a fish.




You’ll Pick the Perfect Toddler Gift!

No matter what you pick, chances are, it’s going to be a win for the toddler in your life. This gift guide for toddlers has so many DIFFERENT gift options there truly is the perfect toddler gift for every child!









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