New Mom Care Package Ideas

Bringing a baby into this world is one of the most amazing things ever. For a mom, it is an incredible experience, but as any new mom would tell you, it takes a lot out of you as a woman.



One of the best gifts for a new mom after birth is a care package for the new mommy. Creating a postpartum new mommy care package can be simple or you can put as much time and effort as you want to put into it.



Here are some new mom care package ideas to consider for the mom-to-be, as well as some pre-made new mom gift baskets.



After all, a new mom deserves all the love, and likely needs a give that was made just for her. Babies suck a lot out of you, sometimes literally if you’re breastfeeding, and a new mommy gift can be a great emotional pick-me-up.




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Fun Goods for New Moms


Water Bottle


One of my favorite water bottles, The Simple Modern stainless steel water bottle won’t sweat, and they’ll actually keep your drink hot or cold. There are several capacity options, as well as 30+ design and color choices. Everyone in my family has one, even the kids, because they’re seriously that good! I personally have the 40 oz because it helps me to drink enough water each day.



Whether you’re nursing or not, one of the most important recovery tips I was given as a new mom is to stay hydrated. It sounds simple- just drink water. But the reality is that you often get so busy taking care of your baby that you forget to take care of yourself. And this goes without saying if this isn’t your first baby. 








Notes of Encouragement

I’ve heard of giving new moms thank you cards with stamps already attached, but this one was new for me, and I LOVE it.



There are seasons of motherhood that are just downright challenging. Especially when your hormones are all out of whack and you feel like a ball of emotions 24/7. Take some time to write notes of encouragement for things like sleepless nights, trouble with nursing, going back to work, husband leaving for the first time, leaving the baby for the first time, etc.



Gosh, I think about how amazing of a gift this would’ve been and it makes me want to give it as a new mom gift for everyone I know! This super cute blank note cards pack of 30 can be found here!

 picture of a pack of 30 colorful american greetings note cards with envelopes; includes a link to purchase on amazon







New Mom Affirmation Cards

picture of a set of colorful new mom affirmation cards for the fourth trimester; includes an amazon link to purchase 

If writing isn’t your thing, you can snag a pack of these new mom affirmation cards. Inside you’ll find 20 front and back printed affirmation cards for the fourth trimester of motherhood. Each card is beautiful and gives the new mom a positive affirmation to help her through her day.








Gift Cards

I’m going to be really transparent here- we lived on gift cards for the first few weeks after our first baby was born.



We had an incredible group of friends who brought meals into us, but there were times when we needed out of the house and we used gift cards.



It was nice to not have to worry about dipping into the budget because we had friends who were essentially “buying” us meals out. So, buy her a gift card to her favorite restaurant.

 picture of a cheesecake factory $50 gift card; includes an amazon link to purchase








New Slippers

picture of a pair of womens wool like indoor and outdoor slippers; includes an amazon link to purchase

New moms are up at all hours of the day, and if you have wood or linoleum floors, it can be cold walking around caring for a baby.



Warm up her toes by gifting her these awesome fleece lined slippers that can be used both indoors and outside, and they comes in 7 different colors.








Work, Pump, Repeat, by Jessica Shortall

It’s just a reality that a breastfeeding mom who is going back to work will be needing to use a breast pump.



It can be really challenging mentally because you often feel like a cow. I can say that because I did it. Working and breastfeeding is a lot of work. Totally work it nonetheless- but a lot of work!



This awesome book about breastfeeding while working is a great addition to any new mom care package. Here are some super helpful tips for pumping while away from baby if you want to write her an encouraging note inside!!

picture of the book for new moms titled, work. pump. repeat; includes a link to purchase on amazon








Snacks and Treats for New Moms


Her Favorite Gum or Mints 

 picture of a box of mentos clean breath mint packs; includes a link to purchase on amazon

Let’s be real here- sometimes you just don’t get your teeth brushed. Then, low and behold, someone is at your door wanting to come to see the baby. 



No time to brush your teeth.



BUT- you do have a split second to grab a piece of gum or a mint! Throw her favorite mints or chewing gum into her new mom care package!








Yummy Snack Bars

One of my favorite things in my new mom gift basket was this Kind Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Bar! And, they’re gluten-free! They’re delicious, sweet, salty, and not bad for you. They’re an awesome treat for any new mom









Self- Care for New Moms


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is my go-to moisturizer. Why? Coconut oil is awesome for dry skin, dry scalp, stretch marks, and just about any other skin issue you may have.



It’s an all-natural ingredient, so no need to worry about artificial anything. Grab a jar of this awesome coconut oil, and toss it into her new mom care package!









MomWasher Peri Bottle

Whether the new mom in your life gave birth vaginally or not, it’s nice to be able to take gentle care of those lady parts. Most hospitals will send you home with a perinatal bottle regardless, but just in case, give her this MomWasher peri bottle. It will allow her to wash her lady parts gently without the use of harsh toilet paper.

 picture of the frida baby upside down peri washer bottle for postpartum care for moms; includes a link to purchase on amazon








Dry Shampoo


Much like brushing your teeth, for the first couple of weeks, you may not always find the time to wash your hair. A screaming baby can make that really challenging.



That’s one of the most important reasons every new mom care package should have a great dry shampoo in it. I’ve used dry shampoo for years, but I recently discovered the NOT YOUR MOTHER’S brand of dry shampoo and it has quickly become a new favorite. It does come in a variety of scents, but I prefer the Clean Freak fragrance-free.









Sleep Lotion

This Sleep Body Cream from Bath & Body Works is the perfect addition to any new mom basket. With subtle hints of lavender and vanilla, you’ll gently relax your senses and quickly fall to sleep.


picture of a bottle of bath and body works lavender and vanilla sleep body cream; includes a link to purchase on amazon 







Her Favorite Chapstick

Any new mom would love this eos Natural & Organic Lip Balm. The eos brand makes a really great lip balm that is nourishing for your lips, but they also taste good. Pictured here is the vanilla bean, but if you click through, you can see all of the other available flavors.

picture of a 2 pack of the eos brand lip balm in vanilla bean flavor; includes a link to purchase on amazon








Hand Sanitizer Lotion

Hand sanitizer is a staple in the house of any new parent. Clean hands are a must for anyone who is going to be handling or touching your new baby. Everyone has germs, and your baby doesn’t need them.

picture of a bottle of lemyn organic hand sanitizer; includes a link to purchase on amazon 









Natural Body Scrub

There can be some rough days as a new mom, and as the label says, you’ll want to scrub the day away.



As a new mom, I found that my skin was often dry and peeling, especially on my belly that had been stretched for 10 months. 



Give her a container of this Shea Moisture Illuminating Body Scrub. This will help clear away dry, dead skin, and the Vitamin E will help moisture her skin as well.

picture of a container of the shea moisture brand illuminating body scrub; includes a link to purchase on amazon 






Her Favorite Handsoap

Give her a handsoap she wouldn’t buy for herself. Good handsoap is expensive and it probably wasn’t at the top of her shopping list when she was preparing for her baby.



Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap is one of the most popular because non-drying and has a lot of ingredients that are actually good for your skin. Lemon Verbena is one of those most popular scents, but check the rest of the scents and see which one you think she will like best!

picture of a pack of 3 bottles of mrs. meyer's clean day hand soap; includes a link to purchase on amazon







Motherlove Nipple Cream

Breastfeeding or not, her nipples will be feeling the pain. As a woman, your body makes breastmilk whether you have any intentions of actually using it or not.



The Motherlove Nipple Cream is a great postpartum gift for a breastfeeding mom. It’s organic, safe for baby, and will ease the nipple pain associated with breastfeeding.








New Mom Gift Baskets

Snack Basket


I love the idea of variety. This snack basket has protein bars, treat bars, granola bars, and so much more. There are treats for every need, which is awesome for new moms.








Self-Care Basket for New Moms

If you want something already put together that you can just click and send, I think this new mom gift box is perfect. You can choose from a couple of different options too!

picture of a box of self care items for new moms: socks, herbal tea, honey, soaking salt; includes a link to purchase on amazon 




Your New Mom Gift is Perfect!

Whether you’ve chosen to make your own new om care package or one of the pre-made gift baskets, you’re most certainly going to bless a new mom and make her feel special. 



Thank you for taking care of her. New moms are special, and they have a lot going on emotionally and physically. You will make her feel more like herself!



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blessings to you, Lisa (sign off)






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