A Father’s Role in Parenting- He’s Not a Babysitter!

So, here’s the thing… dads don’t babysit.

The teenager down the street who helps out with your kids every now and then, they babysit.


I feel like the society we live in today has put the stigma on dads that they cannot parent alone.


Instead, while moms are out, dads “babysit” their kids. And this, can’t be further than reality.


While out with friends, I have been asked, “Oh, so your husband is at home babysitting the kids?”.

“Nope, he’s at home being a parent”.


People seriously don’t know how to respond.


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father and children playing near a house at the day time


A father’s role in parenting is certainly different than the mothers, but the fact is, they’re a parent too.

The role of a parent is an important one.

We teach our kids everything they know, love them unconditionally, and take care of their every need to the best of our ability.

In fact, there are PLENTY of things that my husband does better with the kids than I do.

Often, they behave better for him than me too. Go figure, right?


I think it’s super important to remember the important role fathers play in our kids’ lives!


How a Father Needs to Love

A father’s role in parenting is that they need to love their kids wholeheartedly.

They are the person who will have the most influence on their daughters in terms of how a woman should be treated by a man.

Fathers should pull out a chair for their daughters to sit in and open the car door letting them get in first.

And fathers, they get to have a great influence on their sons, and how their sons should treat a woman. They should be showing their sons that women deserve respect and they should be treated like a lady.

Fathers need to love their children in a way no one else can. After all, they are their father.

Dads these days don’t babysit. They teach.

They teach their children what it means to have unconditional love.

An unconditional love that helps guide our children through life, teaching them how to be a good person.

Dads don’t babysit. No, in fact, they love well, teach well, and co-parent our children.



List of Responsibilities for a Father

This important role of fathers loving our children well is a huge responsibility.

Because although kids need love, this isn’t their only need from their father.

Kids need a dad who can provide, protect, play, teach, and be a positive role model in their life. And I feel like there are some dads out there who do an amazing job at this!

A kid’s mother can’t be replaced, but the same can be said for their father. Each person plays a special role in a kiddos life and neither can take the place of the other.

Dads have a special bond with their kids. A father’s role in parenting isn’t to help babysit the children, it’s to help raise them.


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Kids Need a Protector

Every kid needs to feel safe. As a father, you have the ability to meet that need for your children.

You are their Superman. They look to you to be their protector.

They want you to be there for them when they feel scared.

Dads have this amazing opportunity to be their kiddos #1 superhero. A superhero unlike any other. A superhero who always has their kids’ best interest in mind.

A father plays such a special role in the life of a child. They get to be their child’s ultimate protector. The place they can run when their little world feels like it crumbling to the ground.

One bear hug from dad, and suddenly everything seems OK again. Daddy’s get to do that for their kids.


Kids Need a Provider

Kids need a dad who provides for their needs. This goes way back in history that fathers are to be the providers for the family.

Now, obviously times have changed a lot, and this isn’t the case for every family. I get that.

But kids still need to know that their basic needs are going to be provided for, and dads have the chance to be that for their kids.

In my family, my mom was an in-home babysitter, and my dad worked outside the home. Even though they were both pulling an income, we knew that my dad was going outside of the home to bring home an income that would help provide for our needs.

So, when I was looking for a husband and father to my future children, I knew I needed a man who would always make it a priority to provide for our children because I knew our kids would need that.


father with child



Kids Need a Playmate

I think this is one of the best parts of parenting. You never really have to completely grow up when you have kids.

They are always wanting someone to play with them and be with them.

You are the one they want to help build their forts because dads are bigger and stronger and can make bigger and better forts.

Dads are the ones kids want to wrestle with and play in the dirt with.

Daddy’s have the chance to teach their kids what a father should be like, and as many moms often feel, they get to be the “fun one”.


Kids Need a Teacher

Parents are the ultimate teachers in a kid’s life.

Sure, you send them to school, but at the end of the day, you are the one the look to determine right and wrong.

Kids need you to teach them how to be kind and a good person.

They need you to teach them how to take care of things at the house.

Dads have an amazing opportunity to teach their kids how to treat their mom. It doesn’t matter if you’re together or not, kids need to respect their parents- both of them.


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Kids Need a Role Model

Continuing from the teacher thing, every kid needs a role model. In fact, two great role models are better than one.

Both parents have the chance to be amazing role models for their kids.

When both parents are actively participating in co-parenting their children, the kids notice.

They notice that there is a level of give and take that happens between parents.

Kids need to learn how to forgive and to treat EVERYONE with kindness.

They need to learn how to offer grace and be patient.

Dads, just as much as moms, play a role in being good role models for our kids.



fathers shoes and kids shoes


Importance of Father Involvement

Fathers are one of two very important people in their kids’ lives.

A mother is needed, but equally as much, so is a father.

A father’s role is parenting is special. It’s unlike any other relationship they have. It’s a bond between a parent and a child.

You see, dads are equally as important as moms.

They have a special role as a co-parent that no babysitter could ever replace.

Dads don’t babysit their children while mom is away, they parent them.

They provide for their needs to feel loved, provided for and offer companionship.

Kids need all these things, and not just from their moms. Dads have an equally important role to play in their kids’ lives, and often I feel like they don’t get the credit they deserve.

I get it, not every dad is great, but, there are good dads out there who serve as amazing role models for their kids, and they deserve to be noticed.


blessings to you, Lisa






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