How to Find the Best Breast Pump Bag

When you’re preparing to go back to work as a breastfeeding or pumping mom, you’ll want to find the right breast pump bag for you. You may need a large bag because you want to take your breast pump, your laptop, as well as your lunch all in one bag.


Or you may be traveling wirh your breast pump and having a bag that travels easily is your top priority. No matter your personal needs, I can help you out!


This guide to finding the right breast pump bag will help you look for important features of breast pump bags to meet your personal needs.



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Lightweight Breast Pump Bag

Sarah Wells Kelly


The Sarah Wells Kelly breast pump bag is a great option for any mom who will be pumping on the go. Although it is designed for the larger hospital-grade breast pumps, it will fit any portable breast pump.


One great feature of this breast pump bag is that it can convert between a shoulder bag and a backpack. This is super important because you may find that you have several bags and the bag is constantly falling off your shoulder. Convert it to a breast pump backpack and you’re good to go.


The Kelly pumping bag comes in several different colors and patterns to choose from. It is lightweight and easy to clean, which every mom knows is super important. The bag is backed by a lifetime warranty, so you know you’re getting a quality pumping bag.


On the side of the bag, you’ll find a mesh pouch that is great for your water bottle, because we all know how important hydration is when you’re a pumping mom. There is a large zippered pocket on the opposite side for easy access to your breast pump. Inside the bag, there are several different sections and pockets making it super easy to keep your pumping bag organized.


There is plenty of room in this bag to store your breast milk cooler bag and bottles of pumped milk.







Large and Roomy Breast Pump Bag

Sarah Wells Lizzy


The Sarah Wells Lizzy breast pump bag has great reviews and for good reason. This large breast pump bag can hold hospital-grade breast pumps, as well as any other electric breast pump. You also have several different colors and patterns to choose from.


It features a large side zippered pocket for easy access to your breast pump. You can carry the bag as a messenger bag using the large shoulder strap or the two smaller shoulder straps. You’ll love having easy access to your keys, phone, etc, with the front zippered pocket.


Inside the pumping bag, there are several sections to help you keep your bag organized. There are several pockets around the inside of the bag for pump parts or empty bottles. 


All Sarah Wells breast pump bags are designed with moms in mind. They’re easy to use and easy to clean. They’re durable and come with a lifetime warranty. One thing to note is that this bag is really large. If you don’t want a huge breast pump bag, you may want to consider the Sarah Wells Kelly bag instead.


There is plenty of room in this bag to store your breast milk cooler bag and bottles of pumped milk.






EXTRA LARGE Breast Pump Bag

Dr. Brown’s Carryall


The Dr. Brown’s Carryall breast pump tote bag with handles and carrying strap is a very LARGE breast pump bag. You can seriously put everything in this bag and then some!


First, the side pockets will accommodate nearly every breast pump and a breast milk cooler bag. Inside the bag, there is a TON of room. Once you have your pump and cooler bag inside, you have a lot of room on top for things like your lunch, snacks, stuff for work, etc. There is an open pocket on the back that would be helpful for throwing in your phone or keys.


Inside the bag, there is a laptop sleeve and countless pockets. It is called the “carryall” bag for a reason. This bag does only come in one color, but it is a very large pumping bag that is VERY budget-friendly.






Sleek and Attractive Breast Pump Bag

Sarah Wells Abby


The Sarah Wells Abby breast pump bag is a sleek and sophisticated breast pump bag– great for working moms. There are some great straps for carrying the bag by hand or throw it over your shoulder and carry it with the shoulder strap.


An awesome feature of this bag is that it comes in a variety of colors so you can pick one to match your personality. Inside the bag, you’ll find two elastic pouches that are great for storing empty bottles. There are a zippered pocket and an outside pocket that are great for storing your keys, phone, etc.


You will have easy access to your breast pump for pumping with the side zippered pocket. Sarah Wells bags are known for being able to fit every kind of breast pump, making it a great pumping bag option for ALL moms. These pumping bags are easy to clean and come with a lifetime warranty.


There is plenty of room in this bag to store your breast milk cooler bag and bottles of pumped milk.







Fun Print Breast Pump Bag

Teamoy Breast Pump Bag


The Teamoy Breast Pump Bag will let you share your personality. I wanted to include a bag that had a print because they’re fun too! You can choose between Dandelion print, Flamingo print, or a solid black.


This breast pump bag is designed with the Spectra and Medela breast pumps in mind, but it will work for many other breast pumps as well. On one side, you’ll have easy access to your breast pump, and on the other side, you’ll be able to easily store your breast pump cooler bag. The outside pockets are great for things like your phone, keys, etc.


Inside the bag, there is a pocket that is designed to hold a small laptop. There is plenty of room for your breast pump accessories, as well as a small pocket for anything you’d want to keep easily accessible. There is a back pocket for things like baby wipes, a small towel, or a burp cloth for any dripping milk.


You can carry this like a messenger bag, as a handbag, or a shoulder bag.






Budget-Friendly Breast Pump Bag

Mommore Tote


The Mommore Tote breast pump bag is an excellent, highly-rated, budget-friendly breast pump bag! This pumping bag is quality but at a cheaper price than some of the others. You can choose between three colors: black, brown or grey.


So what’s to love about this bag? First, it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It doesn’t scream, “I’m a breast pump bag!!” You can carry the bag as a messenger bag, over the shoulder as a messenger bag with a large strap, or over the shoulder with shoulder straps.


The pump is easy to access from the side, as well as your breast milk cooler bag. The front zippered pocket is great for things like your wallet, phone, or keys. Inside you’ll find a padded laptop pocket, as well as several other pockets on the inside of the bag to help you keep all your pumping equipment organized. There are 3 insulated pockets, but for long-term storage, you’d want to put them in your cooler bag to keep them at the correct temperature.


You would want to check your individual pump before purchasing, but it does hold the Spectra S1, which is one of the larger, hospital-grade breast pumps. (And also my FAVORITE breast pump!)


Another great feature of this pumping bag for moms is the luggage strap on the back of the bag that you can attach to your luggage for easy traveling with your breast pump bag. You can also attach this bag to your stroller with the included straps inside the bag.







Budget-Friendly Breast Pump Backpack

MOMIGO Breast Pump Bag


The MOMIGO breast pump backpack bag is a very simple breast pump bag. There are two main compartments. The top of the bag will hold your breast pump and your pump parts. The bottom part of the backpack is designed for a cooler pack and your expressed breast milk. You can store your milk in breast milk bottles or breast milk bags.


There are pockets all around the inside of the top compartment so you can keep your pump accessories organized. There is a USB charging port built into the bag for added convenience, as well as a headphone port.


The back of the backpack features a safety zippered pocket for your phone and keys. There are 5 solid colors to choose from.




V-COOOL Breast Pump Bag


This V-COOOL breast pump backpack is a great budget-friendly breast pump backpack. You can choose between a grayscale floral print and a pale pink floral print. The material is waterproof. The bag is large enough to accommodate the Spectra S1 breast pump.


This breast pump backpack features two large compartments. One compartment is for your breast pump, and the other compartment is where you’ll store your expressed breast milk. You will also get great use out of the back pocket, as well as the front zippered pocket and the side mesh pocket for your water.


The top of the bag does have a built-in handle for carrying the bag with your hand. This is a great sized bag for transferring your breast pump to and from work, or for traveling with a breast pump. It’s large enough for all of your pump accessories, your breast pump, bottles of expressed milk, and likely even your lunch.







Lots of Accessories Breast Pump Bag

Jay Elle Breast Pump Bag


The jay elle breast pump bag by J.L. Childress is a breast pump bag that comes with all the things! Included with the bag you’ll get a breast milk storage cooler, a bag to hold your pump parts, as well as a wet bag for storing your used pump parts.


There are TONS of zippered pockets on this pumping bag so you will have a place for everything. This is a shoulder strap bag. This bag is large enough to fit a lot of things. You should be able to fit your breast pump, your breast milk cooler bag, your lunch, and likely a couple of other small items. This will help you reduce the number of bags you’ll need to carry when traveling with your breast pump.






Duffle Bag Type Breast Pump Bag

Ju-Ju-Be Be Pumped


The Ju-Ju-Be Be Pumped breast pump bag is more of a duffle-style breast pump bag. You can choose from solid black, or a Cleopatra style print. Both are very attractive. What you’ll notice about this bag is that it doesn’t look like a breast pump bag at all!


Not only will you get the breast pump bag, but you also get a changing pad, as well as a breast milk cooler bag, and a wet/dry bag that all match. You can easily store your Spectra breast pump in this bag. Many people use this as a pumping bag/diaper bag combo because the bag is large enough to do that and it eliminates one bag.


One feature many people love about this bag is the number of pockets and storage options. It does also come with a pad which is nice to put your bottles on when you’re prepping or storing your breast milk. It also comes with a cooler bag for storing your milk, as well as a wet/dry bag for storing your pump parts.







Casual Breast Pump Bag

Idaho Jones Ellerby


This Idaho Jones Ellerby breast pump bag has an incredibly sleek design but will meet all your pumping needs. This bag has two zippered side pockets– one for your breast pump and the other for your breast milk cooler bag.


There is a front zippered pocket that is great for your phone, keys, lipgloss, etc. The back of the bag has a luggage strap you can place over your luggage making it a great bag for pumping and traveling. There is an included shoulder strap if you’d rather carry the bag as a messenger bag instead of a shoulder bag.


If you’re a working mom and you need to bring your laptop along, there is a special place for a 15″ laptop inside the bag. Once you’re finished pumping, you can use this bag as a tote bag with retractable side pockets


As an added bonus, there is a 12-month warranty for this bag and I’ve seen that customer service is great about honoring that warranty.








Buying a Breast Pump Bag FAQ’s

Are breast pump bags necessary?

Technically, you could use any kind of bag for carrying your breast pump. But, having a breast pump bag that is specifically designed to hold and accommodate a breast pump will likely make your pumping experience easier and more hassle-free.


How to pack a breast pump bag for working moms?

When packing your breast pump bag for work, you’ll want to make sure you have all of the breast pump parts- the breast pump, tubing, flanges/valves, shields, etc. You’ll also want to make sure you pack the power cord unless you’re using a battery-operated breast pump. Also, don’t forget to pack your breast milk cooler bag and ice packs, as well as any breast milk storage bags or breast milk storage bottles.


What to pack in your breast pump bag?

You’ll want to pack all of the breast pump necessities I just mentioned, as well as either a burp cloth or towel in case you have any leaking or spilling. It may also help your letdown if you bring a baby blanket with your baby’s scent, or pictures to help you get in the milk-flowing zone.



Features of breast pump bags


Before shopping for a breast pump bag, it’s important to know what you’ll be using your breast pump bag for. Are you just using it to carry your breast pump, or will you be using it to carry your laptop, lunch, etc? You’ll notice there are some small breast pump bags, as well as some really large breast pump bags.


Insulated compartments

Some breast pump bags come with insulated compartments for expressed milk, while others do not. If the bag you choose doesn’t come with an insulated milk compartment, you can buy a breast milk cooler bag to put into your breast pump bag.


Type of breast pump

As I am sure you’re well aware, there are a variety of types of breast pumps, and they can vary greatly in size. If you have a small breast pump, it’s likely that any of these bags will work for carrying your breast pump. If you have a larger breast pump, make sure you read the reviews before buying a breast pump bag.


How much do you need to put in your breast pump bag?

When buying a breast pump bag, make sure you’ve considered all the things you’ll need to carry in your bag. Is it large enough to carry all your breast pumping supplies or will you need to carry an additional bag?


Style of breast pump bag

When you’re shopping for a breast pump bag, you can choose between a messenger style bag, a shoulder bag, or a backpack. The type of breast pump bag you choose is a personal preference.



Many of these breast pump carrying bags come with some type of warranty. Some are a one-year warranty, and some of the more expensive breast pump bags come with a lifetime warranty. You do get what you pay for!



Breast pumping bags come in a variety of price points. I have included budget friendly breast pumping bags, as well as some high-end breast pump bags. I encourage you to have an idea of your budget before you begin shopping for the right breast pump bag.




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