12 Chore Ideas for Preschoolers

Giving kids the right chores based on their age is important for their development. And, believe it or not, kids do have a desire to help. Oftentimes, it comes in the form of getting in the way, but with the right direction, and using this list of chore ideas for preschoolers, even your preschooler can help with the household chore list.


Using a chore chart template, you can create a helpful guide for your preschooler to complete their chore list. The key to success for your preschool is to find age-appropriate chores. If you aren’t sure what that looks like, I am going to help you out by sharing some of the simplest, most doable chores for preschoolers.


This list of potential chores for children will potentially take some of the household chore burdens from you, all the while teaching your preschooler to take responsibility for some of the chores they can do on their own.


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4 year old girl with broom and dust pan for chores



Chore 1- Clean Your Room

Let me say, don’t just tell your preschooler to clean their room. You MUST give them clear instruction for the first few times you expect them to clean their room. After 4 or 5 times of you completing the job together, they should at least be able to get started with the task on their own.


Chore 2- Put Dishes in the Sink or on the Counter

At the age of 3, we expect that our kids know to put their dishes at the sink. And, they know that breakable dishes go on the counter, and everything else can be dropped in the sink. Are we slavedrivers, nope. We just know that our kids are capable, and so we’re giving them the chance to have some responsibility. And, for the record, our kids are usually able to do this by the age of 2, so 3 is totally doable.


Chore 3- Dust the House

Ever heard of Swiffer? They make these Swiffer dusting wands and my kids think they’re great. After a time or two of some instruction, they can actually do a pretty decent job of dusting the flat spaces. Obviously, I don’t let my preschool dust around breakable things, but they’re glad to be helpful with guided instruction.


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Chore 4- Feed Your Pet

If you have a scoop and a bucket of food, your preschooler can feed the dog or cat. In fact, they will likely love this chore. Instruct them how to do it, and then it’s AMAZING when you can just ask them to do it, and you don’t have to.

preschool girl feeding her dog


Chore 5- Lock the Pet Up When Leaving

Our kids take turns locking our dog in the cage when we leave. We have worked with them on how the cage needs to be closed and locked, and now they do it without us even asking! Mom for the WIN!


girl excited for chores


Chore 6- Help Empty Dishwasher

There are certain items in the dishwasher that our kids are allowed to touch, and others they aren’t. They are allowed to help take our the forks, spoons, bowls, plates, serving utensils, and plastic cups. Everything else they leave for us. The bigger items that are on higher shelves, they hand up to us and we put them away.


Chore 7- Make the Bed

If you haven’t noticed, I have a pattern of giving kids instructions for a few times and then allowing them to complete the chore on their own. Making the bed fits right in. Help your preschooler make their bed a few times, and then give them the autonomy to do it on their own.

preschool girl making her bed


Chore 8- Help Water Plants

The watering can may be a little tricky, but just don’t put a lot of water in it. Better yet, get them their own watering can and let them go around and help you.


Chore 9- Get Dressed

Most preschoolers are capable of getting dressed by themselves. If they need some guidance, offer it. We usually pick clothes out together, and then it’s up to them to get dressed.


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Chore 10- Brush Teeth

We brush teeth both morning and night. One time, we let our preschooler do it alone with us watching and reminding if a step is missed. The other time, we do the brushing to ensure their teeth are being cleaned well.

preschool girl brushing teeth


Chore 11- Set the Table for Dinner

Much like emptying the dishwasher, an age-appropriate chore for a preschooler is to help set the table. Show them where things go, and how many place settings to complete, and that’s one more thing you won’t need to do anymore.


Chore 12- Clothes to Laundry

After the bath, our kids know that the dirty laundry needs to go in the hamper. After getting dressed in the morning, their pajamas need to go to the bathroom for bathtime later that night.



Kids are capable of so much and sometimes as parents, we limit them because we’re afraid they won’t be able to do something. Stop letting your own thoughts of what your kids can or can’t do limit what you give them the opportunity to try. Give them some age-appropriate chores for preschoolers and let them have a shot at it. This list of chore ideas for preschoolers is a great place to start. Make it fun, let them have a chore chart to track their progress. This can be a win-win for everyone!


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