The Best Monthly Gift Box Subscriptions for Kids!

Every year I find myself looking for great gifts for kids that aren’t toys.



I want to give my kids fun gifts they’ll enjoy, but we already have enough toys, so I need another gift option.



I recently found the idea of a subscription box gift idea for kids and I was thrilled to find so many cool gifts for kids that aren’t toys!



These unique gift subscription box ideas are designed for kids to learn something new each month. You can choose which monthly gift box subscription is right for the kid(s) you have in mind.



All you have to do is pay for the gift subscription, and then, depending on which option you choose, they’ll get gift activity boxes in the mail that are designed to help them learn something new- many are tied to STEAM.



Here are some of my favorite gift subscription box ideas for kids!



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Usborne Book Box Subscription

I am a HUGE fan of Usborne books because they are quality books, with a money back guarantee, that is both educational and affordable.



For each book box subscription, you would first choose from one of the following age categories: ages 0-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12. The child will then receive 3 different book boxes in 3 consecutive months, with each box containing 4 books.



If you’re looking for an easy gift that your kids, grandkids, nieces, or nephews will LOVE, this monthly gift box is a great choice. Every kid loves to get mail with their name on it, and it’s even more fun when the package has something inside it for them!








Brick Loot Lego Box Subscription

We have young kids in our house, so Legos are still out, but if your kids love them, then this is an awesome gift they’re sure to love!



You will first want to choose the frequency of your subscription. You can choose between a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription.



Each monthly Lego gift box will contain a unique Brick Lego set that your child will be able to build.


If you have a Lego lover in your life, this is an awesome gift that will keep on giving!








Young Woodworkers Kit Club

I had never heard of this before until I started doing some research, but this is such an awesome idea. For this monthly gift box, your child is going to get a box in the mail with the needed tools, the precut wood materials, and easy to follow instructions.



The kits are designed for children between the ages of 7 and 12. They’ll learn to handle a hammer, use small nails and screws, make measurements and even use sandpaper to round off rough edges.



Another great benefit is that there is a satisfaction guarantee. If the box doesn’t measure up to your standards, you can send it back and pay nothing.



Once you have signed your child up for the subscription, you’ll pay monthly until you opt out of the program.






Here are some Fun & Cheap Indoor Activities for Kids!



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Kiwi Co

Kiwi Co is an awesome company that creates monthly gift boxes for kids of all ages, from birth to age 104. Inside each box, you’ll find an activity that involves creativity and thinking outside the box. Each box is designed by experts and tested by kids.



They have a team of teachers, engineers, creators, and even rocket scientists. Every crate is tested for over 1000 hours. And, as an added bonus, these boxes are STEAM approved. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)



You’ll first choose the type of crate you want to purchase based on your child’s age.




Tadpole: Explore & Discover (0-36 Months)

Yes, there is a monthly subscription box for babies! Inside your Tadpole Crate, you’re going to find developmentally appropriate activities for your child. There will be a magazine with tips for different activities you can do with your child. It will include some online resources you can utilize with different recommendations for books and printables.



Inside each box is also a book you will be able to read together. The activities are large and colorful, which is great for this age and stage.



Activities could be things like learning how to use scissors, delivering mail, fishing in a pretend pond for specific things, or color play.





Koala: Play & Learn (Ages 3-4)

The Koala Crate will encourage your child to be active. As a parent, you’re going to be encouraged to support your child in inquiry-based learning. Basically, you’re going to encourage your child to learn by seeking out answers to their questions during the activities.



Also, inside the toddler subscription box is Inside Magazine. There are activities inside the magazine as well as stories you can read together with your child. You’ll also have online access to a variety of activities you can do beyond what’s in the box.



Activities could be things like creating a costume or painting as an activity.





Kiwi: Science, Art & More (Ages 5-8)

The Kiwi Crate is going to encourage kids to tinker with the tools and materials inside the box. There are kid-friendly instructions inside the box, so this is where your kids are able to take a bit more control of the learning.



There is a magazine included that has comics, activities, and games. You’ll also have access to DIY tutorials as well to help them along with the activities.



Activities could be things like creating and flying a kite, or building and launching a rocket.





Atlas: Geography & Culture (Ages 6-11)

The Atlas Crate has globally-inspired learning activities for your child. These engaging, hands-on activities will allow your child to explore different cultures. The materials are high-quality, and the instructions are user-friendly and easy to follow.



As your child goes along with the activities in the box, there is an Atlas Adventure Keepsake Book they can use to store collectible cards and stickers along the way.



Activities could be things like creating a globe, using a map, building activities specific to a culture.





Doodle: Arts & Design (Ages 9-16+)

The Doodle Crate has high-quality materials that will make your child want to create something amazing. Each activity in the box comes with easy-to-follow instructions that are written out step-by-step.



There is a design inspiration sheet that will help your kid get started if they’re having trouble getting their creative juices flowing. There are also online videos and tutorials that can be helpful should they get stuck on the design at some point.



Activities could be things like building a mobile, creating clay impressions, or building and painting something.





Tinker: Science & Engineering (9-16+)

Each Tinker Box has quality materials that will be used to create awesome STEM projects. There will be a blueprint inside that box that will have step-by-step instructions on how to create each activity.



There are additional activities inside the Tinker Zine magazine. And, there are online resources available as well.



Activities could be things like a lava lamp, slime, or a viewfinder.






Eureka: Engineering & Design (Ages 14-104)

The last of the Kiwi Crate boxes is the Eureka Crate. Each box contains a fully functional building project. You’ll be completely hands-on activities that will encourage your creativity and ability to design things.



There is a book that is going to give you the behind-the-scenes science on how and why each project works the way it does. There is also a design challenge to help them develop their problem-solving skills.



Activities could be things like building a wooden ukulele or a functioning pencil sharpener.



You can choose between a 1-month subscription, a 3-month subscription, 6-month subscription, or 12-month subscription.









Green Kids Crafts

Each Green Kids Crafts subscription box is going to contain 4-8 science and art kits, as well as a 12-page magazine. Kids will explore topics such as the oceans, space, volcanoes, music and much more!



There will be STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) activities with all materials included in the box.



For each subscription, you can choose between a 1-month subscription, a 3-month subscription, 6-month subscription, or 12-month subscription.



There are 4 ages groups you can choose from: Junior Discovery (Ages 2-4), Discovery Box (Ages 5-10+), Literary Box (Ages 2-10+), and Sibling Box (Ages 2-10+).









Groovy Lab in a Box

Groovy Lab in a Box is designed for kids who are ages 8 and up. Each monthly gift box will contain a STEM activity inside.



Kids will get to do a variety of activities, such as tests, experiments, and engineering design challenges. They will use critical thinking and engineering skills to work through the activities. There is a 20+ page lab notebook that has all instructions for each of the activities.



Your child can also learn more by using their online portal as well. They can log in each month and learn beyond what is in the box.



For each subscription, you can choose between a 1-month subscription, a 3-month subscription, 6-month subscription, or 12-month subscription.






Monthly Gift Boxes for Kids of All Ages!

So far, these are my favorite monthly gift box subscriptions for kids! 


What I love the most about monthly gift boxes is that they’re great for kids of all ages and all interests. If they aren’t into engineering, you can buy them a gift box subscription that has an art design to it.


I would love to hear how your kids or grandkids love their gift box subscription!





blessings to you, Lisa post sign off






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    • Seriously though, if he would enjoy doing it, why not get that instead of something he has so interest in using?

    • I think next year this is likely the route we are going to go instead of all the toys. The toys are starting to get out of control and I like that they’ll learn something with this gift.

  • I knew there were subscription boxes for kids, but never knew there were so many! I love the Usborne books as well and was excited when my consultant shared the addition of a subscription box. What a fun way to get different books every month! The rest of the subscription boxes are great ideas for the upcoming holidays, too. We are all trying to limit the accumulating stuff in our homes, but this is a great way to keep kids interested and excited to do something new each month. These subscription boxes are a great idea to share with grandparents and close relatives!

    • I think the ideas are genius! I love that the kids get to learn and tinker with things. I think that is becoming a lost part of childhood and I am glad to see there are people who are making it easy for us!

  • We love subscription boxes in our house! It’s so fun finding that little gift on my doorstep each month. I had no idea there were so many great options out there for kids. I can’t wait to check some of these out and order a few for my daughter. Thanks for the great ideas!

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