What to Wear During Labor and Delivery


Preparing for labor and birth involves way more than just being pregnant for 40 weeks and letting your body tell you when you’re going to give birth.


Labor and birth are eminent if you’re pregnant, even if you have a scheduled c-section.


Many women are opting for a different labor and birth gown than the traditional hospital gown.


For some, it’s personal preference, for some functionality, and for others, it’s the mental side of feeling like a patient in a hospital rather the birthing goddess you were designed to be.


I’ve birthed babies via c-section and naturally, and somehow I never knew about labor and birth gowns. I just thought I had to wear the traditional hospital gowns because I was “in the hospital”. WRONG!


If this is all new to you and now you’re trying to figure out what to wear during labor and delivery, you have got to check out these awesome birth clothing options.



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Right now, there are 7 awesome birth clothing options that I think you’re going to love; I know I do!


And without a doubt, if we have more kids, and more hospital births, I can promise you that I’ll be rocking one of these awesome labor and delivery gowns.



woman in hospital gown in labor



The Bravely Labor and Delivery Gown


First up is a Polyester, Cotton blend that’s also a budget-friendly option (current price of The Bravely Labor and Delivery Gown).

But, it doesn’t sacrifice anything when it comes to cuteness and functionality.

With 4 colors to choose from (pale green floral print, light blue with white polka dots, pink with white waves, and grey and white chevron), there is something for every birthing mom.

There are two sizes to choose from (S-M-L fits baby bump up to 45 inches, and XL-XXL fits baby bump up to 51 inches).

The Bravely Labor and Delivery Gown has a Velcro front great for fetal monitoring during labor and then super helpful for skin to skin and breastfeeding after your baby is born.

Should they be needed, there are snaps along both shoulders, and two large pockets for whatever you would want to carry around with you.

The best part is they have a 90-day guarantee. If for any reason it doesn’t meet up to your standards, reach out to the company and they’ll return your new, unworn gown with tags attached.

So many of the reviews of this gown share how awesome they are, that they got a handwritten note congratulating them on their upcoming birth, and many are even wearing them after giving birth as part of their postpartum wardrobe!




Dressed to Deliver-  3-in-1 Labor Gown




An incredibly unique feature of this labor and birth gown from Dressed to Deliver is the 100% guarantee that it WILL NOT stain.

If you’ve never given birth or witnessed birth- it can be messy! So to have a company that is backing their product is pretty awesome. Made of Rayon from Bamboo and Lycra Spandex, the fabric is anti-bacterial and wicks away moisture.

This was news to me, but apparently, some hospital gowns can have metal in them. I would have to do some research to verify this claim, but in their product description, the company makes it known that their gowns are 100% metal-free.

The gown is versatile for fetal monitoring, labor and birth, skin to skin, breastfeeding, and can even be worn during the postpartum recovery period and afterward.

You can also check out their LUXE 3 in 1 birthing gown options too!



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Baby BE Mine Maternity- Gownies



Whether you plan to birth naturally or with an epidural, Gownies cotton gown is able to meet the needs of your labor and birth.

Unlike some of the other options which don’t have snaps down the back, the Gownie does. There are also snaps on either shoulder for easy monitoring, accessible breastfeeding and also skin to skin contact.

The front of the gown has snap down panels that are helpful for breastfeeding and also exams. 

You have 16 different patterns to choose from, and given how reasonably priced they are, I would buy 2 or three. You never know how awesome and convenient something like this is until you get it. And then you’re wishing you would’ve bought more.

As far as the size you’ll want to base it on your pre-pregnancy size, you have three options to choose from. S/M is sizes 0-10, L/XL is sizes 10-16, and XXL is sizes 16-22.

If you prefer a labor and birth gown without the sleeves, check out their sleeveless labor and birth dress.

In my opinion, one of the unique things about this company is the add-ons. You can buy a matching delivery robe, matching 2 in 1 maternity nursing nightgown, matching mommy and me set, and matching baby coming home set.




Motherhood Maternity- 3 in 1 Labor, Delivery and Nursing Gown




A Cotton, Modal, Spandex blend, this birthing gown from Motherhood Maternity is perfect for any mom preparing to give birth.

This sleeveless birthing gown has a snap closure and an empire waist for comfort and functionality.  The snaps are in the front center of the gown as well as the center back of the gown. 

There are also hidden snaps at the shoulder for easy access great for skin to skin and breastfeeding.

In my opinion, this is the simplest of all the birthing gowns here. If you want something different than the traditional hospital gown, yet functional for birth, and simple without any special features, this is what to wear during labor and delivery.



woman in labor in hospital gown



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milk & baby- Labor & Delivery Gown




You guys- This labor and delivery gown is SO STINKIN’ CUTE!

If I were you, I would buy this now and use it for maternity pictures. It’s that cute!

Made of Viscose and Elastane, this delivery and breastfeeding gown is sleeveless, has a round neckline, empire waist, snaps down at the shoulder, and snaps in the back, it has it all!

They have a 100% cotton option, as well as a more traditional birthing gown.

I’m bummed that I don’t have pictures I can share with you *YET*, but I am working on it! Do yourself a favor though and check out their awesome birthing gowns.

Sizing varies depending on which gown you choose, but range from small to XXL.




Ekouaer Labor and Maternity Dress




When looking at all of these gowns and searching for the one that looks most comfortable like a nightgown, this is it.

A Polyester, Spandex mix, this gown snaps along the breast-line, which is different than most.

I don’t feel like this is the best option for a hospital birth because they often want to monitor you, or if you have an epidural, you’ll likely find yourself needing to remove your gown because there isn’t easy access to your back. 

This gown would, however, be awesome for right after giving birth because of the easy access for breastfeeding and skin to skin that doesn’t involve snaps at the tops of your shoulders.

You’ll get to choose from 16 colors, and 5 sizes ranging from S to XXL.



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Pretty Pushers- Labor & Delivery Gowns




Pretty Pushers labor and birth gowns are different from many others. You’ve read that they all have snaps at access points. This labor and delivery gown has ties. Some people love this feature, and other moms know it’s not for them.

It’s a synthetic-free Cotton gown, with a low scoop tie back that is perfect for a mom with an epidural. The easy access doesn’t involve undoing anything. If they do decide they need a little more access to your back, there is an additional tie that can be undone.

You can choose from 5 color options and two sizes. Based on your pre-pregnancy size, you can choose from One Size (2-16), and Plus Size (18-26).



Don’t Settle for the Hospital Gown, Choose a Birthing Gown!

Do yourself a favor and buy a couple of these. They are hands-down the best labor and delivery gowns out there.

If you’ve fallen in love with one of these labor and birthing gowns, buy more than one. If you aren’t sure which one is going to be best for you, buy a couple of different gowns and try them out. 


I wish I would’ve known that I didn’t have to wear that drab, sterile hospital gown. Not only would I have been more comfortable in one of these birthing gowns, but I sincerely believe that your environment plays a huge part in the mental part of labor and having a cute and comfortable gown during labor makes a difference.



what to wear during labor and birth



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