Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Finding the right gift for that special mom in your life is no simple task.


You want to find something that is as special and unique as the mother she is. Whether it be your mother, your wife, or maybe even your grandmother, finding a gift that makes her feel special on Mother’s Day is important.


Lucky for the procrastinators of the world, (this is ME!!), there are some really awesome last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas I think you should check out.


It will take the guesswork out of your searching and save you your time and sanity. 


It really is a win-win for you!


The hardest part is deciding which one to choose.



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Gifts for the New (or soon to be) Mom


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Pearhead Triple Sonogram Frame

I love this sonogram frame!

Being totally honest here- all of my kids’ sonogram pictures are wadded together in the same place. 


This frame is cute, and it provides a safe place to store those once in a lifetime sonogram pictures that deserve a place.



Kate Posh- First Mother’s Day Frame



This 4×6 Kate Posh picture frame is engraved and is going to make any new mom feel special this Mother’s Day. If she’s already a new mom, you can put a mommy and me picture in. If she’s still pregnant, you can place an ultrasound picture in it until the baby is born.



Baby Keepsake Kit- Hand and/or Footprint



When you’re a new mom, you try to take in everything because it all goes by so fast. This baby keepsake Mother’s Day gift is something that will be around for many years to come. You can do handprints, footprints, or a combination. It’s the perfect keepsake kit for any mom-to-be or new mommy. If you’re a dad, this is an easy way to make a handmade Mother’s Day gift.




Thank You, God, for Mommy



This sweet book teaches children to be grateful for their mommy. Motherhood can be exhausting, and what better gift for a new mom than to be reminded about how amazing she is as a mom.



Willow Tree, Our Gift, Sculpture Figure



For each season of life, Willow Tree has something special to remind you of it. This new family figurine, titled, “Our Gift”, depicts life as a new family. We were given one of these with the birth of our first child, and it’s such a special piece. It is 8.5 inches high.



Motherhood can be rough sometimes, and a new mom care package is an awesome gift for Mother’s day this year! Check out this awesome list of self-care products for moms!



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Gifts for the New Grandma


grandmother daughter and grandbaby








The Best Moms Get Promoted to Grandma Pillow



Becoming a grandma is something special! When your baby is having a baby on their own, a new, special relationship is born along with that baby. This 18×18 new grandma throw pillow is an adorable way to announce a new pregnancy this Mother’s Day!




Have You as a Grandma, Box Sign



This 8 in x 4 in grandma frame is such a great way to announce a new pregnancy! It’s also the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the soon-to-be grandma too!




Gifts for the Mom of Many


mother with children








Victorian Key- Personalized Sterling Silver Necklace


This personalized birthstone necklace is not only adorable but still looks classy even with several names on it. It’s perfect for the mom who has multiple children, or for a grandmother who has a lot of grandchildren.



My Three Treasures Personalized Charm Necklace


Is the special mom in your life a mom of 3 kids? This Mother’s Day personalized necklace is a trendy Mother’s Day gift, but can be worn casually as well! Silver, gold and rose gold plates give this necklace character, while the personalization of names makes it special and unique. 




Burlap or Cotton Mom Frame



If you’re looking for a gift that’s personalized and can be displayed, this is one of my favorites. You can have 1-8 children’s names put on this framed wall art. You get to choose from 5×7, 8×10, or 10×13 sizing options available! Such a special gift for mom!




Praying the Scriptures for Your Children



If the special mom in your life loves to read, she will likely love this book, Praying the Scriptures for Your Children. The book will help her learn how to pray for purpose in her children’s lives, as well as gain a biblical perspective about how she can be a better mom for them.




Mommy Needs More Coffee Mug


For many moms, caffeine is a way of life. It may need to be re-heated 10 times before it’s actually consumed, but at some point, she needs her coffee. This adorable coffee mug can hold 22 fl oz, and is perfect for the lover of coffee!





Gifts for the Mom of Adult Children


parents with grown children








Hand Painted Family Tree Plate



If you have a lot of family gatherings throughout the year, this family tree plate is going to be the perfect gift for your mom this year. When you’re an adult, it can feel hard sometimes to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mom. I guarantee if she likes to cook or bake, she will love this plate!




Willow Tree Keepsake Box



Do you have a mom who loves things with sentimental value? This Willow Tree Keepsake Box is a 3-inch square box that’s 2 inches high. It’s perfect as an earring box, or for small treasures. The title of this box is. “Friendship”. If you’re blessed to have your mom as a friend, this is the perfect time to show her.




Butterfly Suncatcher



Measuring 4.25 in by 4.25 in, this Butterfly Mom Suncatcher is a special gift that will likely be seen every day. When I see this, I think the perfect place for it is hanging on the window over the kitchen sink. She will always think of her children when she sees this beautiful butterfly suncatcher.




Never Far Away Coffee Mug


This “No Distance is Too Far” coffee mug will be cherished by a mom whose kids leave far away. You can choose between an 11oz or 15 oz mug, choose the colors or the states, and then choose the appropriate locations. It will serve as a daily reminder that although the distance may be long, the love you share is always close.




Gifts for Any Mom


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What I Love About Mom Journal

When I saw this “What I Love About Mom” book, I knew it would be perfect for any mom in any stage of life! I think it would be extra amazing for a daddy to fill it out with his kids, and give it to mom for Mother’s Day. I can tell you, if I was given something like this, I would treasure it FOREVER!




Savvy Infusion Water Bottle



SavvyInfusion Water Bottles are perfect for any mom who drinks water- HINT- that’s all moms! I think this is an awesome gift for a mother who is breastfeeding, enjoys working out, or takes her hydration seriously. Adding some fruit to her water not only gives it flavor, but it can also provide some much-needed vitamins. You can get the bottle in 24oz or 32oz sizes.




LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs



These 12 handcrafted bath bombs are made right here in the USA! Whether the special lady in your life is a mom-to-be, a new mom, a mom of many, or even a mom of grown children, she could likely use some pampering for herself. Bath bombs are an awesome last minute Mother’s Day gift, and she will never even know you nearly forgot!




Cat and Nat’s Mom Truths Book



Motherhood is a comical reality that can at times be embarrassing and at other times completely hysterical. For the mom of many children, they’ve likely had plenty of experiences themselves. If the mom in your life could use a good laugh, she will love this Mom Truth’s book.



Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas- She’ll Think It’s Great!

Here’s the thing, mom doesn’t have to know you found her awesome Mother’s Day gift last minute. All she needs to know is how much she means to you. You could pick any of these awesome gifts and she would know that.


Remember this, your time is one of the most valuable gifts to her. So take some time out of your busy schedule this Mother’s Day, and spend it with her.



Have Toddlers? Check out this helpful post on How to be a Better Mom to Your Toddler!





blessings to you








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