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I love all things postpartum, simply because I want to help make this transition easier for you! When all your hormones have gone crazy, I hope all of my postpartum tips and advice can help make your transition into motherhood easier.



If you’ve prepared your postpartum essentials basket, created your postpartum wardrobe, and selected your postnatal vitamin, make sure you’ve also gifted yourself the best postpartum pajamas.




I want to share some helpful tips for choosing the best postpartum pajamas for you. Especially if you’re a first-time mom, and even more so if you’re planning to breastfeed your baby, please skim my helpful tips before choosing your postpartum pajamas!



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What to Look For In Postpartum Pajamas


During my postpartum times, the thing that mattered the most to me was that I was comfortable. This looked different for each of my deliveries because I can tell you that recovering after a vaginal delivery is very different than recovering from a C-Section. But in both situations, I just wanted to be comfortable so that I could sleep and easily nurse my babies at night.




Nursing Friendly

As I just mentioned, I needed to be able to easily breastfeed my baby so I needed the best postpartum pajamas for nursing my baby. I needed pajamas that would easily unbutton or lift up or down without causing an issue and making my screaming baby wait a second longer.





C-Section Friendly

I cannot stress this enough- make sure your postpartum pajamas do not cut at the C-Section line. Even if you aren’t “planning” on having a C-Section, deliveries sometimes throw us a curve ball. Make sure you’re ready for whatever comes your way after giving birth by having C-Section-friendly pajamas.




Easy to Wash

Although it may seem gross, your body can share all kinds of gross fluids after giving birth. I highly recommend that you choose postpartum pajamas that wash easily and are darker in color. You don’t want to accidentally ruin your new postpartum jammies with an unwanted stain.




Easy to Take On and Off

Even if you end up with a vaginal birth, depending on how your labor went, you may be equally sore, or even more sore than someone who delivered via C-Section. You’ll want to make sure you have postpartum pajamas or even a postpartum nightgown that you can easily put on and take off.





The Best Postpartum Pajamas for Moms

Two-Piece Long-Sleeved Knot Pajama Set

The first postpartum pajama set I want to share is the Ekouaer Maternity and Nursing Knit set. This nursing pajama set comes in 23 different color/pattern choices and has 5 different sizes to choose from.




Some of the great features that will make your life easier are first and foremost, easy access for nursing your baby at night. I love that there is super simple nursing access on both sides of this pajama. I love that it is 2 pieces, but even more so, I LOVE that there is an elastic waistband that you can pull and then button to make it the exact size you need the waistband to be, without putting pressure on your belly. If you’ve never had a baby, you’ll quickly learn how important this simple feature is.



Another great feature of these postpartum jammies is that they can also be worn while you’re pregnant. Sometimes, there is a mental part that comes when trying to accept your new postpartum body. I like that you can transition from pregnancy to postpartum in these pajamas and not feel like you’re judging yourself when your pre-baby clothes might night fit yet.




They are a polyester/spandex blend, which means they’re going to be super comfortable for your postpartum body.









Postpartum Nightgown

The postpartum nightgown I am going to recommend is also from the Ekouaer brand. The V-Neck Button Down Nightgown is a great option if you want nothing squeezing on your waist




One really great feature of this nightgown is that it will make nursing a breeze. You can easily pull down the front of the nightgown for breastfeeding, or if you desire, you can unbutton a couple of buttons for easier access if needed.



There are 19 colors/patterns to choose from and you can select from 5 different sizing options, meaning you’ll find the perfect postpartum nightgown. This nightgown is the blend of Rayon/Spandex, and is my favorite blend of fabric because of how comfortable the material is to wear. 



Another added benefit of this nightgown for nursing is that you can 100% wear this nightgown long after your postpartum days are over.





picture of a new mom wearing pajamas holding her baby




Short-Sleeved Postpartum Pajama Set

For the short-sleeved postpartum pajama, I want to share this shorts set. Ekouaer Nursing Pajama Set will offer you the comfort and functionality you need when you’re a new, breastfeeding mom. Depending on the season, or even the temperature of your house, you may want a short-sleeved and shorts pajama set for after having your baby. 




If this is the postpartum pajamas set for you, you’ll get to choose from 21 different color/pattern choices, and 5 different size options. This is another pajama set that is made of my favorite Rayon/Spandex blend, which means they’ll be SUPER comfortable.



These pajamas can easily be worn throughout your pregnancy and into the 4th trimester of postpartum. They’ll stretch to accommodate your belly, and then make for easy access when you need to breastfeed your new baby. With easy access to the breast from both sides of the nursing pajama top, you’ll have no issues waking up to feed your baby and heading right back to sleep comfortably.



This pajama set also comes with a pants option as well. So if you love the shorts option for summer and need something a little warmer with the same level of comfort and ease of breastfeeding, make sure you check the color options to see your choices.










Nightgown and Robe Set

If you love all things luxurious and comfortable, then this nightgown and pajama set is the best postpartum pajama set for you!



The SWOMOG 3-n-1 Labor and Delivery Set is made up of a comfortable, sleeveless nightgown and a super comfy matching robe. 





The V-neck of the dress makes for super easy access for nighttime nursing sessions. There is a hidden front panel that will help you easily move around in the dress while sleeping so you don’t feel constricted in the dress. There are outside and inside belts so that you can feel comfortable putting the robe on and knowing you’ll be completely comfortable in case you’re wearing it when unexpected guests show up to meet your new baby. (Yes, that happens!)



You get to choose from 16 different color choices and 5 size options. This is another postpartum pajama set that is a Rayon/Spandex blend that will offer you amazing comfort. *One thing to note is that this does say it should only be hand-washed. I’m not sure why, because I’ve never had an issue machine washing this fabric, but it’s something I want to point out before you buy them!






If none of the pajamas I share with you today seem like what you want, that’s totally OK! You can absolutely wear what you already have, or even just wear a pair of comfortable shorts or pants with a comfortable shirt. The postpartum period is all about making sure you’re comfortable for your postpartum recovery, and that you have what you need.




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